web-tree-090I have very good news.  We now carry Felco Pruners for both right and left handed users as well as a smaller sized pair for those of you with smaller hands.  These pruners are awesome.  They are made to last a lifetime.  You can sharpen them or replace parts if need be. They fit your hand comfortably so you don’t tire while using them. They have ergonomic design and cushioning to protect your hands and a notch to cut wire. They also have a groove for sap if you are cutting sticky branches like your Christmas tree.  If you are tired of replacing your pruners season after season and of dull pruners that break, these are worth looking into.  Once you have a pair you will never settle for any other kind.  They make a great gift for any gardener or homeowner or for yourself. 

 Mouse over for type of pruner, then click  on the picture for the info and prices of each one from our online catalogue. 


felco pruners

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  1. Hi There, Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back anytime. I am enjoying yours. Hubby and I love our garden (flowers)–but ours is nothing like many other bloggers gardens.

    I’m a lefty so I’m always looking for left-handed tools…

    Come back to my blog anytime.

  2. Hi Teresa, great news! I love my felco pruners! I have two pairs, a left handed and a small handed. Now if only they made a small left hand, I would be in business. They are the best by far, but do need to be sharpened regularly, people need to know that. And oiled, in case some careless gardener leaves them out in the garden, accidentally. :-)

  3. Thanks for the info on the Felcos. That is all good to know. I haven’t needed to sharpen mine yet but I have been oiling them because I am one of those careless types at times. We are getting the smaller ones and I will check to see if they are available for left handers as well.