Last Wednesday was a day like any other day.  About 4:30 my friend, Linda and my dog, Thunder  and I went for a walk.  It is our effort~  so as to be able to eat what we want~ to take a walk every day.  It is also a way to purge about what ever is bothering us, talk about our families, gardening, and more gardening.  Well, another thing we love about our walks is that on Wednesday evening it is trash night.  You know where I am going with this.  

There were so many treasures just waiting to be had by unsuspecting treasure pickers.  That’s us.   First off we saw a mission rocker in need of some love.  Hey what are husbands for?  That’s right, fixing curbside antiques that need an arm repaired.  rocker before

There was also a cupboard on the same pile.  Very old, in need of some TLC but hey, why not?  Another keeper.web-rock-028

So I called my son who was so happy to leave his friends and come to haul these finds back to our house in my jeep.  I mean, we were walking, you couldn’t expect us to carry all that stuff! 

Moving on we encountered another great find.  This one is for the garden.  I have wanted a pair of these but never seemed to find the right ones when I had some money to use on frivolous things.   But there they were, just  happily waiting along thweb-rock-030e side of the road for me to spy them.  Yes, a pair of adironcdack chairs in not so bad condition. 

 Okay one is missing an arm but otherwise they look sturdy enough, well, after some glue and some scraping and painting…remember what I said about husbands?  He was thrilled to drive over and cart these back home.  In fact, I am sure that he and my son literally argued over who would come and pick up the stuff this time.  He said he didn’t even mind getting his car dirty…  I am sure he can’t wait to get started working on them. 

 Our walk continued pretty much uneventfully after that until we were just around the corner from my house, at the end of the walk, lo and behold, more great stuff!  We found two old wooden crates and a tin ceiling square that had been left outside long enough to get the perfect patina.  The paint is peeling and chipped which of course makes me even happier to have it. web-o-012

It will look great leaned up against the fence with flowers blooming in front of it.   How Linda saw that amongst the stuff on top of it, I am not sure ~ the girl is a professional. 

All in all a pretty bountiful walk.  Trudging up the hill to my house with the large tin square, two crates, an old canister and my dog was not easy but trudge we did. Notice that I thoughtfully didn’t call for a pick up this time.  

Let’s face it, we are just conscientious recyclers and gardening season is winding down, these are just the kind of projects I love.  Besides, my husband just cleaned out the garage.  Now~HE is a keeper!

So now, a week later, these are the end results, so far.  The rocker is a looker now that I repaired the arm, refinished it and, recovered the springs with new foam and fabric.  Notice I said I. I really do this stuff myself. Although I often need a bit of help. web-oo-002

 Same with the cupboard.  I repaired the door and the back wall, painted, distressed and now it’s a beauty. web-o-004

 The adirondack chairs are still in progress.  I had to prime because the paint wouldn’t go on well to the places that I scraped off the old paint.  I repaired the back and arm of one and have it half painted. web-o-008

 The other will definitely need a bit more love.  I think I know just the guy for the job! 

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Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.  ~Hans Christian Anderson 


  1. Wow! Loved your neighborhood! The jelly cupboard is fab-u-lous and the color is awesome.

  2. Wow…All in one week! Amazing, and they are all so nice, I really love the rocker!

  3. oh what a FUN post i didn’t want it to end!!..i am ssoo green with envy at your found treasures and i’m amazed at how you’ve transformed them..MAGIC!!

  4. Great reading, and you did a lovely job especially on the rocker. The garden chairs will look elegant painetd white.

  5. “Hey what are husbands for?” LOL, Teresa, you and Liz are kindred spirits! But we happily help out, well, sorta happily.

  6. Oh that chair is amazing… And the things you found are spectacular! wow… I must look in all the wrong places :)

  7. I’m impressed…with the great curbside finds and the work you put into them to make them just right. I love my curbside finds, too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  8. I don’t think there is curbside pickup where I live. Your rocker and cupboard turned out really nice.

  9. How talented you are!!! The chairs are going to be magnificent—the rockers is already distinguished and perfect, and the reds will bring a bright haven to your garden. What lucky finds!!

    And what a gift you have for seeing them, and making them better images of themselves.

  10. I think your garbage day finds are great. You’ve done such a good job of fixing them up. They look really great.

  11. I was thinking that I really need to start walking again. Can I walk with you on Wednesdays?! My gosh girl, that’s all awesome stuff! Did you and your friend fight over it all? That cupboard is incredible, and I love the color you painted it! You’ve definitely given that rocker a second life–it’s gorgeous now! And hey, if you have to make a new arm for the other chair, big deal. Easy peasy! I can’t wait to see what you find next week!
    Happy VTT!

  12. What wonderful finds, and amazing transformations….I never find anything anymore in peoples trash…darn city has big bins now to wheel out to the curb, so lots of good stuff is never seen…. :(

    Have a great Weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  13. You’ve got some great men in your life! I love how your son zips over and is so helpful! (how did the tattoo go btw?)

    The cupboard??!!!! omg!! It’s gorgeous. Of course the rocker is too, but I just love that cupboard and that white peeling paint thingy. It’s so cool.

  14. You really found some great things. How nice that your son and husband love to come and pick up these things for you ;)
    Husbands really are great for these types of things. The rocker and cupboard look great, it’s hard to believe what people throw away.

  15. I’m impressed. I pick up items in need of TLC and then never get around to doing anything with them. Only a week later and you already have two projects complete!

  16. Oh that rocking chair!!! It reminds me SOOOO of one I always wanted from our camp back home. Then when the camp was sold, along with all it’s possessions, I wasn’t around to CLAIM the chair as my own.

    Thanks for bringing back that memory!!!

  17. Fantastic! What a great talent and eye you have! You have made treasure out of your finds!

  18. Everything is so lovely! Good for you for giving new life to old things.