This is the follow up to my last Thursday’s Vintage Thingies.   I wanted to show how these two adirondack chairs came out since I hadn’t finished them at the time of that post. web-rock-030


 They were curb finds that I repaired with help from my husband.  He made a new arm for the one and I repaired the backs of both of them.  We also had a rotten leg that we reinforced with new wood and I  primed and painted them red. web-s-001

 They may not last forever, but for now they are looking good perched in the back of my yard with a view of the gardens.

web-s-003   Can you believe someone threw them away?


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 The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.  But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.  ~Sarah Ban Breathnach


  1. Great job! Absolutely love the red. Some people can visualize what something could be and others cannot – count your lucky stars.

  2. Hi Teresa~~ What is wrong with people? Well, their folly is your jackpot. They’re awesome. Time to start paying attention to the neighborhood sidewalks. :)

  3. They came out great. I wouldn’t have a clue how to fix something like that up, so I would be the one who would throw them away!

  4. how cool! they look great, Teresa.

  5. Love them! And the color is perfect.

  6. wow you’ve done a fabulous job restoring these little beauties!!..i bet whoever threw them out would def want them back now!!

  7. I think they look gorgeous.

  8. Boy, I bet someone is kicking themselves for letting those go. They look go great, I’d love to just sit and sip a cup of coffee in them! Nice job. BTW, love your photo of the foxgloves!

  9. Sounds like a lot of work, but they turned out great. That red is really bright.

  10. They look wonderful! And I can’t believe someone threw them away, crazy.

    Im glad they found a home with you!

  11. So nice! And no, I can’t believe someone would throw them away. Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  12. To restore chairs and end up as in the photo require keen eyes and great enthusiasm!!… that’s a real DIY. ~bangchik

  13. I’m so happy to see the outcome of those fabulous chairs! No, I can’t believe someone threw them out, but their loss is your gain! One man’s trash is another woman’s treasure. You get the idea! They turned out magnificent! Love the red you chose too!
    Happy VTT!

  14. They came out great! Some of the best treasures can be found on the curbside. -Jackie

  15. These look wonderful, I love the color…what a great find and how great you were able to save them.

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  16. No, I cannot believe they were trashed! You did a really nice job, and I love the vintage red metal chairs in the backround of the one photo too!

  17. what is so cool is that you totally saw the possiblity in those broken chairs…and now just look what you have done. they are fabulous…i love red.

  18. Sadly, yes, I can believe someone threw those chairs out. So glad you found them and fixed ‘em up! Looks fantastic!