There are stories behind both of the cupboards in my kitchen.  This first one actually was in the back room of the Salon I used to work at.  It was a basement shop, really nice with stone walls, very vintage.  When they sold the old home that it was in I asked the owner of the building if I could buy it.  I had noticed the cupboard for a long time.  It held a lot of cleaning supplies.  When we went to pick it up my husband and our friend had a terrible time getting it out.  It was as if they had put the walls up around it.  Luckily they are very clever and were able to get it out. 

 She sold it to me for only $100.  Can you believe it?  I couldn’t get that home fast enough.

 When we moved to our house we live in now, we weren’t able to get it upstairs to our kitchen.  Luckily, we have a friend who used his crane to put it on our second floor. 

 He lifted it to our front porch and we brought it through the house. 

 Nice to have those kind of friends!  

 It holds all of my dishes and all of our cupboard food.  It’s huge! That cupboard has quite a history. 

  The second cupboard has a story also….when we were redoing our kitchen in our old house, I found this cupboard at an antique shop.   It was hot pink!  It is a step back cupboard that the top is seperate from the bottom. I repainted it and it was wonderful in my “new” kitchen. 

 Since the top part was hung on the wall as a dish cupboard, we used the bottom half as an island.  I had a marble top from a pier one table that fit the top like it was cut for it.  Destiny, I say.

So when we moved I left the hanging part since it was a big part of the cupboards of that kitchen.  Luckily, the girl who bought my house decided to remodel again so she called me about a year later and offered the cupboard to me.  I had asked her to call me if she ever got rid of it and I would buy it from her since it matched the bottom part I already had.  She only wanted my husband to come and remove it. She didn’t want anything for it.  What a peach.  That was so great of her. 

 So now I have the two of them together again in my kitchen.  I just love them. 


~”I collect antiques. Why? Because they’re beautiful.”~Broderick Crawford.

Between Naps on the Porch


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  2. Grannys Attic

    I love it. So sweet that you got it back. I don’t think I would ever let it go again. It was ment to stay with you. LOL
    Blessings, Vick

  3. I love both of these cupboards. You’ve given me inspiration for a new post. You are very lucky that the new home owner was kind enough to let you know when she was going to remove your cupboard. These are just fabulous.

  4. wow – great cupboards! And what great (and handy!) friends! I love old cupboards … if only I had more space …

  5. These are wonderful cabinets! I tried to find something similar to these when we did our remodel at our cabin. Every time I found something, the price was way too over my budget or falling apart! These are wonderful….I ended up making my own and making it look sorta old….how wonderful you were able to keep these! I’d most likely not left them in the first place…. :) Have a great VTT!

  6. These are incredible pieces, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your cupboards. I wish I had more cupboard space.

  8. Well now I have seen it all! You truly must have a great love for that cabinet to go to all this trouble and expense. It is hard to believe they got it inside from upper level. Amazing.

  9. How fortunate that you could get someone to do all that hauling for you! I’m afraid my husband would have said “forget it!” Love your cupboards!

  10. Great cupboards and great friends you’ve got! I once had to move a bed in and out a 3rd story window with the help of friends. I love how you used the top from your Pier 1 table for the second cupboard. Isn’t it great when things work out like that? Happy VTT!

  11. What a great story about your cupboards. how cool you were able to bring it in by crane. Now, that is a great friend!! They look fabulous in your home!


  12. I love your cuboards. I am glad you got the one back :) I love the sign to the right on the wall. Where did you get that? Great!

  13. Robin, I made it a long time ago. Thanks

  14. Thank goodness for friends who have cranes! What a wonderful story.

  15. Oh, I love your cupboards and I’m drooling over the clapboard siding on your home. Looks original and I love the style. It reminds me of some of the homes by the beach south of us in Delaware. I’m hanging on to Summer as long as I can.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  16. Hi- I’m a new visitor from Met Monday. I love these cupboards! Great finds. Older furniture just has so much character.

  17. Thanks Melanie, I agree, nothing like the old stuff.

  18. Wow – what great cupboards! Just love them! It makes you wonder what the real history is behind them both, doesn’t it? Incredible that that marble top fit perfectly, too! Beautiful!!!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk