these Unique, Unwanted bottles that were unearthed when we dug up the ground for the Company Garden.

 Since we had nowhere to plant our zinnias and marigolds we planted from seed, I decided they would make a great border for the seedlings. 

  Should be interesting to see if the bunnies “like”  the flowers or if we will get to enjoy them with our Utterly beautiful bottle border.


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  1. What a great way to put those bottles to work! And so colorful — not to mention they are indeed Unique and make a great post for the U Day! Have a lovely evening, Teresa!

    ABC Team

  2. not unwanted but just unloved until you
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I love the bucket of brew but how cool are those old bottles you found. So glad you used them to decorate with : )

  4. What a darling and unique border. It will still look beautiful when full of flowers.

  5. Love your Utterly Unique bottle border. Nice work and I hope the bunnies will let your pretty flowers be.

  6. You have unearthed treasure. Lovely bottles.

  7. Unusual border, but a great way of using what was already on site. You have given them a new lease of life.

  8. That is THE MOST CLEVERest idea yet! What an astounding border, and colorful too. It’s so very artfully done. I must remember this…but I won’t be as lucky to find and unearth great pieces like this at all. I find nothing but roots and rocks in the shovel’s way. Figures.


    Thanks for popping by this week. Hope to see you again real soon. I love having your company.

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