~”Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.”  ~John Ruskin



  1. awesome! love that color too!

  2. I love this color too. I will be growing a lot of these for my wedding centerpieces.

  3. Great contrast beween the life of the tulip & the “lifelessness” of the snow!

  4. so pretty against the snow. Love it.

  5. That is pretty stunning! Love it!

  6. AH! Spring must be on its way! :)

  7. This is Beautiful!

  8. Simply beautiful…. how would we describe the colour… pink? purple? maroon?.. it seems to have shade of each…

  9. a sign of spring
    very pretty

  10. Very nice warm colors. I like the contrast with the snow.

  11. Beautiful composition and contrast.

  12. Beautiful.

    They work for me so I guess I am “ordinary humanity”.

    Happy WW!

  13. amazing rose! have a great wordless…

  14. Beautiful…just what I need while I wait for spring ;-)

  15. The rose must be feeling cold out there. LOL! Happy WW!

  16. What a great image, the contrast is fantastic.

  17. what a lovely picture!

    Here is my entry.

    Happy Wednesday!

  18. Very nice combination!

  19. beautiful shot. i just have to ask… “in the snow… sort of”? why the “sort of”? is it… not really snow? :)

    i’m amazed by the people who have commented about the “rose.” hrm. perhaps they… saw… a different photo than i did? haha.

    really lovely shot. makes me miss holland <3

  20. I am a complete and total tulip girl:) I love the tulip as a link between the cold and snowy winter and the warmth of spring coming alive

  21. Tracy, sort of because it wasn’t growing there, i just put it out there in the snow. :)

  22. This is so nice. I love the picture.