w-purple1Yesterday (6/14) I spent a picture perfect day with 4 friends at MacKenzie-Childs.w-sign It is located on a 65-acre former dairy farm overlooking Cayuga Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes region. This was the weekend of their barn sale.  People from all over flock there to get deals on pieces from the MacKenzie-Childs collection, which consists of handmade, hand-decorated majolica pottery, tile, furniture, and accesories. Along with their barns full of items, there is a beautiful farmhouse that is completely decorated with their artful furnishings. When you take the tour of the house you are dazzled by the décor and the 1870’s structure as well as the picture perfect view from each and every window. That is the reason I am blogging about it.  The grounds were well kept and the gardens were lush and pleasant.  They overflowed with so many different flowers I can’t name or describe them all. But I do have pictures and a picture is worth a thousand words so I will just let the pics do the talking. 








After enjoying the scenery and the shopping we headed to a little restaurant named Pumkin Hill Bistro in Aurora. There we sat on the back porch of another old farmhouse and took in the nature filled scenery.  A scrumptious lunch and some decadent deserts and we were on our way. 

w-bird  We stopped at Bet The Farm, which is a cozy store that sells foods and Finger Lakes wines.  It was quaint and welcoming ~ fresh flowers filling the shop with the scent of peonies and roses.  Nancy Tisch, the owner, welcomed us with a fun wine tasting, crackers with tasty spreads and talk of her garden.  Of course I couldn’t help taking photos of the rose covered picket fence that surrounded her store.  Again, I will let the pictures do the talking.    







 It was a wonderful day spent with good friends.




Friends are flowers in the garden of life. ~ proverb


  1. That birdhouse is really cool.

    Those roses spilling over the fence like that are almost obscene. :0)

    MrBrownThumb @ Chicago Garden

  2. What a picture perfect day. The photos are fabulous. I’m always amazed at how many beautiful places we have in our little corner of the world.

  3. I stumbled across this blogby accident. So glad you enjoyed the gardens at MacKenzie- Childs. I am responsible for the design, installation, and upkeep; it is so gratifying when other enjoy them as much as I enjoy doing them! I also planned and planted the original gardens at Bet The Farm about 7 years ago. The little garden has changed but the roses are still the same. Glad you enjoyed them

  4. I did enjoy those Mackenzie -childs gardens. We had a great time that day. My favorite part was the gardens. You have done an incredible job! I wasn’t able to get there this summer but I will be back next year. Thanks for stopping and telling me Mariann. I loved those rosebushes at Bet the Farm. I got some great photos that day. What kind of roses are they, the pink ones?