is doing well. 

 We have had a lot of humidity and rain so the plants are happy.

  It was time to put up the tomato supports today since the tomatoes are beginning to grow.


 I noticed a couple of tiny cucumbers showed their pretty faces too.



 The giant pumpkins are growing nicely as are the zuchini and yellow squash.

 The best part today was when Ginger was able to pick some lettuce for lunch. 

There is nothing like picking veggies knowing you grew them, and enjoying their fresh, delicous flavor. 

 Double satisfaction!



~”Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. “~ Unknown





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  1. awesome!!! I love seeing things like this! I grew cucs a few years back…and my kids picked them all before I had a chance to have even one!
    thanks for faithfully linking in even though I have been MIA for the last while. Life is busy busy!!!
    Hugs girl…you have such a pretty smile…I love seeing your photos…the post below is a gorgeous one …as usual!

  2. Your vegie garden is looking great and seems to be powering on! Enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

  3. Thanks Glenda. I love linking in to your fertilizer friday because it makes me see the weekly progress going on that is easy to overlook. Life is busy and that is a good thing. you can’t get around to everyone silly girl.

  4. Thank you Bernieh! We are enjoying the veggies but more than that is the group effort and being part of something that interests all of us. We are lucky to work in a place that encourages this!

  5. This is success in the garden for sure.
    Together Everyone Achieves More….

  6. what a wonderful garden! i can’t wait til i have some space like that. i have one zucchini plant and one cucumber, both in pots, but they’re doing really well so far!

  7. The vegetables are growing by leaps and bounds, wish I could say the same here, but things are just too cold as of yet. That is an amazing garden plot.

  8. I really like your enclosure. I could see someone doing this with a large dog run!! Love this quote:)

  9. Growing your own produce is so rewarding. It looks like you will have a bountiful harvest.