Already thinking ahead to next gardening season? 

 It’s time to plant your bulbs into your garden before the ground freezes up. 

 The Roto Planter is a great way to get your bulbs planted quickly and with a lot less work. 

Just attach it to your drill and dig your holes.

Simple as that. 

Your back and knees will thank you.


I have been working hard to get my yard in tip top shape. web-jkl-142

 I have a huge baby shower and a graduation party to throw in June. They are a week apart so our work is cut out for us. (What was I thinking? two parties in a row?)  web-t-014

Anything that makes work easier is welcome in my tool collection.  I have been using my Radius transplanter to move my plants and put in new ones.  I love the round handle because it gives you so much more to hold on to and you can fit both hands on it. It also has a large foot step which makes it easier to push down into the soil.  The stainless steel blade feels like it is strong enough to handle anything. web-t-008

 I am also using my Yard Butler Terra Weeder  a lot.  ybtt1w-2t

The Weeder gives you a forked side as well as a bladed side that can cut through roots or lift rocks.  I have been using it non stop for planting and weeding this year.ybtt4t-2t

  I also have their Terra Tiller which is a larger version of the Terra Weeder.  It’s handy at larger digging jobs but I find the Terra Weeder is a bit easier to handle for doing most things.web-jkl-166

 Slowly but surely I am getting the gardens in shape for our fun summer ahead.  Having the right tools makes gardening even more of a pleasure than it already is.


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