My Vintage Thingie is something I bought at a flea market probably 20 years ago.  At the time, I fell in love with it because it was so unique and different from anything I had ever seen as far as pottery. web-g-003

 I paid somewhere around $25 dollars for it and that was a splurge for something so unusual and weird, but I had to have it.  Except for some chipping glaze, it was in great condition then but now it shows the ravages of time (or in other words  the ravages of hanging around me~ I dropped a ceramic snowman on it one Christmas time and cracked the base.)  I felt so bad.   It adds character or so I tell myself. web-g-004

 It stands about a foot tall and is about a foot wide.  The bird is some sort of water fowl.  One of my friends once told me what kind of bird it was but I can’t remember the name.  I can’t find anything like it in the bird field guides, so if anyone knows I would love the info. 

 This piece is signed, W. Sewell with the word Zena underneath the name.  There is a carving of a womans face and a glaze insignia of what looks like a tree on the bottom of it. I have no idea when it was made or where it was made.  I only know I think it is very cool! web-g-009

 So there is my Thingie for this Thursday.  Visit Colorado Lady to see other interesting Vintage Thingies. 

Have a great day! 




A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions – so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect.  ~Adabella Radici

w-purple1Yesterday (6/14) I spent a picture perfect day with 4 friends at MacKenzie-Childs.w-sign It is located on a 65-acre former dairy farm overlooking Cayuga Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes region. This was the weekend of their barn sale.  People from all over flock there to get deals on pieces from the MacKenzie-Childs collection, which consists of handmade, hand-decorated majolica pottery, tile, furniture, and accesories. Along with their barns full of items, there is a beautiful farmhouse that is completely decorated with their artful furnishings. When you take the tour of the house you are dazzled by the décor and the 1870’s structure as well as the picture perfect view from each and every window. That is the reason I am blogging about it.  The grounds were well kept and the gardens were lush and pleasant.  They overflowed with so many different flowers I can’t name or describe them all. But I do have pictures and a picture is worth a thousand words so I will just let the pics do the talking. 








After enjoying the scenery and the shopping we headed to a little restaurant named Pumkin Hill Bistro in Aurora. There we sat on the back porch of another old farmhouse and took in the nature filled scenery.  A scrumptious lunch and some decadent deserts and we were on our way. 

w-bird  We stopped at Bet The Farm, which is a cozy store that sells foods and Finger Lakes wines.  It was quaint and welcoming ~ fresh flowers filling the shop with the scent of peonies and roses.  Nancy Tisch, the owner, welcomed us with a fun wine tasting, crackers with tasty spreads and talk of her garden.  Of course I couldn’t help taking photos of the rose covered picket fence that surrounded her store.  Again, I will let the pictures do the talking.    







 It was a wonderful day spent with good friends.




Friends are flowers in the garden of life. ~ proverb


green thumb Sunday

Here are my Green Thumb Sunday Blooms~



























Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
 and the soil and sky as canvas ~ Elizabeth Murray




Here’s a look at what’s blooming in my May garden






















“Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower”  ~ Anonymous

e-watermarkI took a day trip with my husband today.  It was really fun.  We went to see the small towns along the Delaware River that he passes on his way to go fly-fishing.  While driving near the river, My husband spied a large bird in a tree so we turned around to see it.  We were thrilled to find out it was a Bald Eagle.  It was young so the colors weren’t exactly right.  It flew to a tree on our side of the river.  I was able to creep up very close.  It didn’t seem to mind me getting closer and closer.  I think it was just used to the noises of the road.  He posed there for a bit before taking off and joining with another eagle.  They soared into the distance.  Believe me, I was in awe.  I had never seen an eagle in the wild before, and to be able to get some pics of it was more than I would have hoped for.  Later we stopped along a spot on the Delaware that we know of an eagle’s nest.  Again, we were lucky enough to be there while the pair was in the tree their nest is in.  The nest is huge!  The male was on a branch and the female was in her nest.  I can’t be sure but I think there was an eaglet in there too.   Although it was very high in a pine tree, the sight was breathtaking. nesting 









We stopped at a few antique shops, but we also found a wonderful flower nursery along the way.  It was in Hamden, NY.  A place called The green Thumb.  (They said they didn’t have a website or I would have provided a link.)  It was a very nice place.  Spacious and  organized.  The plants were lush and healthy. Of course I couldn’t resist buying several.  We picked out our vegetable plants.  My husband loves really hot peppers so he chose several different kinds to grow this year.  I bought some annuals and also a lupine.  The zinnias they had were really nice, as well as the dahlias.  I also got snapdragons and salvia.  I feel better now that I have a start on my plants.  Tomorrow I am off to another place called the Frog Pond in Bainbridge, NY.  -  Can’t wait!

 at the Green Thumb





bee on a zinia

  “A good gardener must put his shadow in the garden every day.” ~ Harv Daniel