One  Wednesday, my friend, Linda and my dog, Thunder  and I went for our usual daily walk.  It is our effort~  so as to be able to eat what we want~ to take a walk every day.    Well, another thing we love about our walks is that on Wednesday evening it is trash night.  You know where I am going with this.  

There were so many treasures just waiting to be had by unsuspecting treasure pickers.  That’s us.   First off we saw a mission rocker in need of some love.   rocker before

There was also a cupboard on the same pile.  Very old, in need of some TLC but hey, why not?  Another keeper.web-rock-028

So I called my son who was happy to leave his friends and come to haul these finds back to our house in my jeep.  I mean, we were walking, you couldn’t expect us to carry all that stuff  and what teen ager isn’t thrilled to be seen picking garbage? 

 So these are the end results.  The rocker is a looker now that I repaired the arm, refinished it and, recovered the springs with new foam and fabric.  Notice I said I.  Although I often need help, this one I could handle. web-oo-002

 Same with the cupboard.  I repaired the door and the back wall, painted, distressed and now it’s a beauty. web-o-004

 All in all I think it was a very productive walk that day.  Wish we could get that lucky every Wednesday.                    daisy          

Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.  ~Hans Christian Anderson


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Last Friday, my husband and I hit the Madison- Bouckville Antique Show.  I thought it would be fun to show for VTT.  It is a huge gathering with over one thousand dealers in upstate NY.  It’s in the middle of corn fields surrounded by more corn fields.  Really pretty.  We look forward to it every year. 

This time we went on a Friday and skipped the actual show that you have to pay to get into, and just visited the dealers that rent space in the main street.  There are more than enough to keep us entertained for a full day and their prices are better outside of the show.   There are all kinds of great food, snacks, beverages and most importantly cool stuff. 

I always spend the first hour or so being completely overwhelmed and then my mind focuses and I find things that interest me.

 A cute pair of chick S &P shakers for $5 made me very happy.

 One of the things that I noticed a lot of, were metal chairs like the ones my back yard is full of.  I just recently posted about redoing a few I found on the curb. At the show, they sold for at least 38 dollars or more, in curbside condition, as you can see in the photo.  None of them were fixed up at all. Pricey, I thought.

 I bought a few items for my garden from an artist there that did lawn ornaments and trellises.   

My big find of the day was the wonderful chaise lounge from the same eras as my metal chairs.  I had never seen one of these before and we were absolutely thrilled to find it. We promptly snatched that up for $40.  The arms are a well worn red and the wheels are red too.  I am now on  a mission to find  the best fabric to make a cushion for it.  It was a great find.  I will post pictures of the finished project soon. 


 We had a great time! Can’t wait to go again next year.

Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.  ~Hans Christian Anderson


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Because my last post on containers caused  some interest in my  picnic baskets,  I thought I would show them for VTT, because they are not only fun and inexpensive they are also vintage. 

Unfortunately they don’t last more than a season or two if you leave them out where they are in the sun and rain. Under a covered porch they fare a little better. 

I don’t think I paid more than 8 dollars for any of them and that was with a tray inside and all the dishes and silverware. 

 I also use them for pointsettas at Christmas time because they look so nice much more finished than the foil wraps around the pot. 

  It is often hard to part with a perfectly good basket to leave outside but I just love the look so I sacrifice a couple of them every summer.  Now, on to next week’s project…..

We hit the jackpot.  I will keep you posted on these curb finds soon.


“Hello pic-i-nic basket.”    ~yogi bear



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I didn’t have anything garden related to show for vintage thingies thursday so I thought I would share something that would spark a bit of humor on this cold dreary winter’s day.l

 I found this picture among  a box of photos that I purchased from an elderly gentleman at a neighborhood garage sale.  I got a kick out of this one.  They look like they are having a fun time.  Boy am I glad they have come up with better swim-suits.  I am not sure which is worse, the mens or the women’s although full coverage for men may not be a bad idea.  The women could use a bit more support and I don’t mean the kind the one girl is wearing rolled up to her knees.  The swim hats the girls are wearing are a hoot.  I just wish I knew the story behind this picture.  Or maybe I am glad I don’t. 



“The human race has only one effective weapon –and that is laughter.”

Mark Twain


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Here are a few of the stained glass I have hanging in my windows.  What I have realized doing this post is that all my stained glass pieces except one, has flowers on it. Go figure… me,… flowers.

This first one hangs in my kitchen.  I love it’s simplicity and it’s colors.  The light that streams through in the morning is cheerful even on gloomy days.  web-v-009

This one is an arts and crafts style stained glass.  I just love it.  I bought it on ebay and unfortunately it cracked in one of the panes during shipping.  Oh well ….it adds character!

web-v-016 This one was given to me by my neighbor.  It was in her garage covered in paint. Someone had actually painted the entire back side.  It was in sad shape.  I gladly took it off her hands though.   I am so glad I took the time to restore. it. web-t-002

These last ones aren’t antiques although they have been around a very long time. web-t-016

They are my short lived interest in making stained glass.  Although I loved the finished products, that craft is rather rough on the fingers.  I think I cut them more than the glass.web-v-013

Again, flowers were my design of choice even then.


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