What to look for when shopping for gardening footwear

Going out to quickly to inspect the yard, pick veggies or tend to containers? Clogs are great for slipping on easily and keeping your feet protected. They also work well on hot days to keep your feet cooler especially if you are wearing a molded clog with air vents. Flip-flops or sandals are also great for keeping your feet cool doing this type of gardening.

Going to be digging a new bed or standing in deep dirt that could possibly be wet and muddy? Shoes would be a better choice since they keep the dirt and water away from your feet. Something that fits well when you are working in the mud, using a rake, or digging a hole will make your feet more comfortable therefore making the work more enjoyable.


Heavy duty digging in a spring garden? Boots would be the choice I’d make for that. They will likely have safety features that protect your feet when you work with gardening tools, they would be waterproof as well, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Once you know which type of shoe you want, narrow your search further by using the following guidelines.


  • Looks – Lets face it, we all like shoes that show our personalities. Great, nice looking, colorful shoes make us not only look good but feel good. Just putting on a pair of bright colored or flower covered shoes makes me want to go out and play in the dirt, or splash in a puddle. If you aren’t headed to the garden, most gardening shoes look great when you are out and about doing errands. People will envy your style and daring choice when really you just like fun shoes! So don’t keep them just for gardening, wear them often!
  • Slip on and off-ability – This is a biggy! If the footwear goes on and off easily, then you are more apt to slip them on when you go out there to just “take a look at your plants”. We all start out that way and before we know it, you have half your garden weeded or a new bed dug up. Gardening footwear instead of your bedroom slippers or flip-flops will work best in this situation. Boots or shoes that have a kick-off ridge makes leaving your shoes behind a no-handed deal, so look for that feature when choosing your pair.
  • Another reason easy on and off is so important is, if you have to run in the house for a second, it’s so much nicer when there are no laces to deal with, or buckles to close. You are more apt to slip them off and therefore keep your house so much cleaner. Let’s face it, when we come back inside from gardening we are usually too tired to mop the floor. Energy spent on gardening is so much more like play than work. Save the work for rainy days.Stretchy at the top opening in shoes is a great feature for on and off as well as comfort! The whole point of good shoes is to keep your feet dry and clean. A snug top keeps dirt out as well as debris, so make sure the top of your shoe or low boot is snug enough to do this task without being too tight. It’s really important to keep you comfortable. Nothing worse than having to stop to get a pebble or stick out of your shoe when you are in the gardening zone.
  • Comfort – Fit is really important. Too loose and you get blisters and you could easily fall. Too tight, you could get blisters and you won’t likely wear them. So make sure the fit is good and they are made to do the kind of gardening you do. They shouldn’t need a break-in period. Put them on and they should feel comfortable. Simple as that.
  • Waterproof – Wearing shoes that are waterproof is especially great if the dirt is wet or deep. No one likes a shoe full of water or mud so when looking for garden shoes, try to find ones that will keep your feet dry and comfortable ~that leads to more time gardening. ~Don’t worry that waterproof means sweaty. Most of the better shoes are made with linings that keep your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature as well.
  • Safety – Having a shoe that protects your toes as well as your arch when using tools is always a bonus. Garden shoes protect your feet from dirt and germs that can lead to all sorts of issues. Not to mention protecting that pedicure.
  • Easy to Clean – Finding garden shoes that will clean up quick and dry fast makes them a great choice. Let’s face it. Your shoes get dirty in the garden, being able to hose them off and know you aren’t ruining them is really important.

So those are the things to keep in mind when you give up that pair of flip flops or old sneakers that you garden in, or when you decide that sharp rock you stepped on makes barefoot gardening seem unwise.

This is a repost of my article published in about.com http://containergardening.about.com/od/reviews/a/Choosing-Garden-Clogs-Shoes-And-Boots.htm

Who says we can’t look great and show our personalities while we are playing in the dirt?

Garden Shoes Online offers sturdy protective boots for those of you that landscape. We also have waterproof boots and shoes for those rainy spring days or muddy gardens. Do you want gardening shoes that slip on and off easily for those that like to “just do a bit of deadheading” that leads to an afternoon of rearranging their entire garden.  There is protective footwear that in addition to being waterproof and comfortable are also made to look good on you and show your personal style.

Tired, calloused hands, sore knees, mud in my shoes, and gnats bugging me are some of the discomforts I used to think were part of gardening until I started working at Garden Shoes Online. Until then I had no idea what a difference great garden shoes, boots, hats, tools and gloves could do for my gardening game.

I have found that quality gardening tools and accessories can make any task more efficient and ergonomic therefore easier on my ever-aging back and joints.  So if you are thinking that you have gotten along fine without great gloves or comfortable garden shoes, think again.  It’s so much better when the right tool or accessory is easily available and makes your work more like the play you intended it to be.

My old pair of sneakers or flip-flops aren’t my garden shoe go-tos any more. I can be standing in dirt, filthy and tired, but with a quality pair of garden shoes on that feel good, I can forge on knowing my shoes not only look good, support my feet and preserve my pedicure, they also keep my feet clean, my traction great and protect my foot arch from shoveling injuries. 

 It  is also much more enjoyable to garden with a good pair of gloves.  What a difference they can make.  No more calloused hands, blisters or dirt under my nails. My hands aren’t dried out from the dirt or the scrubbing it takes to get them clean after gardening now that I always wear a pair of quality gardening gloves. 

I am no longer swatting the bugs and sunburned while I weed because I wear my Insect Shield Wide brim Hat that not only keeps bugs away, it offers spf 50+ protection from the sun.

Buying from an online store may make you take pause~

  • What if they don’t fit? No worries there, we have a Perfect Fit Guarantee~ If the size your ordered doesn’t fit we will send you the correct size for free. We want you to love your new shoes or boots!
  • What if it’s a heavy item?  Shipping could be expensive. ~ Don’t fret, we ship for free any order over $49 dollars and if it’s under $49 dollars for your items we charge a flat fee of $4.95. So buying online gives you choices all in one place for items you probably can’t find at any stores nearby.  


Our goal at Garden Shoes Online is to make your passion for gardening be greater by making you more comfortable, more efficient, safer and of course making you look good too.  Even though you didn’t think you could love gardening more than you already do, click on over to Garden Shoes Online and see the many products we offer that really can make it even better.


Time to dust off the garden tools and think spring. 

This should include being prepared for the first nice spring day by knowing which shoes, boots or clogs you will slip on to greet the new year of gardening. Ranger Ladybugs Purple Dragonfly Garden Clogs

  Some folks may say they prefer an old pair of sneakers, flip flops or just plain old barefoot. 

That’s fine, but wearing a pair of gardening shoes will extend your gardening time and pleasure so more can be accomplished and enjoyed. 

 I’d dare say that most people that experience a good pair of footwear in the garden will be hard pressed to venture out there again in bare feet.  Not to mention the pedicure problems that can be avoided as well as health and safety issues for your feet. 

Warm feet that are dry and safe make it easier to stay out there long enough to accomplish the task at hand.  So whether you prefer clogs, boots or shoes, there are so many to choose from at Garden Shoes Online.

Do your feet and back a favor !  

May all your weeds be wildflowers.  ~ Author Unknown

I couldn’t resist this subject. morning glory

 I had a few pictures that work, so here they are.






~”But each spring…a gardening instinct, sure as the sap rising in the trees, stirs within us. We look about and decide to tame another little bit of ground.” -~Lewis Gantt

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 As promised, I will occasionally share certain products from Garden Shoes Online that I think are very noteworthy.  I want to give some info about GardenGrips Clogs. Women's GardenGrips clogs

 These clogs are so comfortable, I want to wear them all the time.  When I first saw them, I was attracted to their rugged look for sloppy weather. Plus, they are clogs and  I love that because they are so easy to slip on or off- going in or out of the house.  Another thing I like is that they are warm.  Comfortably warm, unlike many slip on shoes this time of year. Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 They aren’t stiff, and really fit my high arches.  There’s a flex panel on the top that makes bending your foot comfy~that isn’t something I find very often~especially in clogs. Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 They are great for gardening chores because they have  a composite shank, so you don’t hurt your foot when you shovel… I never intend to get working in the garden, then something catches my eye and before I know it I am digging or raking or whatever. Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 It’s nice to have on shoes that are ready for action. The soles have great traction in the grass, even on steep slopes like my front yard.   Garden Grips

They also have water and stain resistant leather as well as an inside liner that keeps your feet dry. Women's GardenGrips clogs

 I am not exagerating when I say these will be my favorite shoes this winter and spring.gardengrips clogs

  I think they look great in or out of the garden. I  wore them out the other night to the movies because they felt so warm and comfortable I didn’t want to take them off after some outdoor Christmas decorating.  They also come in 4 different colors.  So if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are great for anytime as well as to work in your yard, you ought to check these out.  I think you will be glad you did.  Click on any of the pictures to find out more! 









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mumI keep expecting to be out of flowers for Fertilizer Friday, but  my garden persists, tempting that first frost to keep it from flourishing.


Hopefully there are a couple of weeks left before Jack Frost visits.web-skate-159 





 I hope your day is going well and your flowers are still blooming.foxglove

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How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? 

 ~Satchel Paige

thunder1You’ve gotta  LOVE  July!purple3











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A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.  ~James Dent

daisy1It is still friday, so I hope I am not to late to participate in the fun of Fertilizer Friday. (Thanks to Tootsie)  Today was very busy, I worked on my stone patio, before the rain, during the rain and after the rain.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  Otherwise it will never be finished.  The flowers are all happy with treshe daily rain, although I am not.  The mushrooms are having a party under my black locust tree, but I took care of that today.  All in all things are filling in and looking good for the 4th of July.garden



tiger-lillypink-lilliespincushionflowerorange-lilliespink-bushWeather is a great metaphor for life – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.  ~Pepper Giardino

Green Thumb Sunday is here!  Another chance to take pictures of my bloomers.  Did I say that?  Honestly no underwear will be photographedbutterfly-bush today.  Here are my flower bloommarigolds!


flowers    I Like this quote I dislike this quote




Yes, that is holly and no, it is not Christmas timeholly

Today is Friday and that makes it the day to take stock of what’s going on in our gardens, thanks to Tootsie and her Fertilizer Fridays. 


My garden is much the same with a few exceptions from last week.  The weather has improved so we can at least be out there to enjoy the show. 

veggie-garden Our vegetables are really coming along.  There are many blossoms on the tomatoes, squash and peppers as well as the cucumbers.   We have eaten some of the hot peppers, or should I say my husband has eaten some of them.  I am not big on hot food, but he makes up for me.  He loves the hot stuff.





My front yard has been a bit slow but it is starting to burst.  As you can see, I like alot of colors and flowers all mixed up out there.ram








I like vintage ceramic animals.  I especially love when I can find ones that are flower pots.swan






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climatis-at-dusksnapdragons~It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.
 ~ Lewis Grizzard