web-c-021My scenic sunday post is about a shop  we visited called Sea Hag.  It is in an old barn on a very scenic road near a lake. web-j-0401web-sea-hag-5

 Although it’s out there a ways, people come from all around to visit and shop.  web-seahag-012

The owner Colleen, sells beautiful artwork, antiques, furniture and her own brand of soap which is now available on our website~ Garden Shoes  Online. 


 She makes each bar of soap by hand using  an all  natural vegetable base with no animal fats.  It has natural glycerin which is what draws moisture to your skin.  It is great stuff. web-j-006

      We now have the camp bars in a lavender scent, which can be used for shampoo, soap and shaving.   There is also a wonderful goat’s milk soap that is unscented.web-all-3-labels 

We have Scrooge’s Scrub.  Great for gardeners~it cleans your hands after a day in the garden but it isn’t harsh or strong.  Your hands actually feel good after you wash. web-bugspray


Man or Beast bug soap and also a Man or Beast bug spritz that really keeps the bugs away, and smells good too.You can even use it on your pets.j-049

 There’s also Hag balm.  Great stuff for skin. 


One of the other procucts she makes is great!  It’s called Saving Grace.  It is a wonderful soap to use on your pets.  I use it on my dog and it really cleans him well.  His skin has calmed down since I started bathing him in it.  It’s a bit different because it’s a bar instead of liquid, but I really like it.  He smells so good and my hands don’t smell like dog shampoo when I am done. j-051

 If you want to read more about these great products just click on any of the photos in this post and it will take you to them. web-j-034

Art is like a border of flowers along the course of civilization.  ~Lincoln Steffens


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web-sea-hag-9While on a drive taking in the scenery, my husband and I stopped into the Sea Hag Mercantile.  There we spoke with owner Colleen Kane.  The Sea Hag is her shop near Quaker Lake and Silver Lake in Brackney, Pennsylvania. She is the maker of Sea Hag Soaps.  They are yummy smelling soaps in so many lovely fragrances. She has her store in a huge barn that has been tastefully redone and warmly designed with artists work displayed throughout. It is up a scenic mountain drive just over the border from Binghamton,New York.  It is just one of those places that you never tire of and can’t seem to take all in.  Around every corner lies more and more cool pieces from regional artists. Jewelry, furniture,  quilts, pottery, antiques,clothes, hats,children’s toys, stained glass, artwork, cards and way too much stuff to list. Every time I go there I see something new, and she is such a warm and welcoming person, you can’t help wanting to go in and look around. Colleen is also an avid gardener. She proudly showed us her garden and let us walk around her land that had colorful, artistic touches everywhere we looked.   People come from all over to buy her soap and visit her shop.  It is a real treat to go there!  Check out her website~ It’s too fun!     And if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop and see the shop. Her goldendoodle Grace, her cats and even her chickens will be waiting to greet you.








Sea Hag Soaps


A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.  ~Chinese Proverb