and coming along well. 

 Pete fenced in the garden area and built the raised beds.

Everyone here is getting excited that we will have fresh vegetables to show for all the work and waiting we have done.

 We ran out and got a few plants on Saturday to fill in for the ones that were sunburned when they were first moved outside a few weeks ago. 

   My husband and I enjoyed putting in the new plants. 




But there was a visitor that we didn’t expect.

Turns out we have cucumber beetles.

  They are colorful fellas but they are persistent pests that kill cucumber and squash plants.   Pete found them on the  pumpkin vines they have been feasting on.

Just another bump in the gardening road, but you can’t keep a good company down.  We are determined to have a bounty of veggies to show for our work. So we will forge on and find out how to rid ourselves of these yellow striped intruders.

Remeber the mystery seeds we planted?

Pete has taken on the challenge of growing extremely huge pumpkins~ so follow along to see how it goes.  Click on the link to learn more about the giant pumpkins we are growing in our company garden. A lot goes in to growing these monster pumpkins.  They come from a grower who sent us seeds from plants that have produced pumpkins as large as  1000 lbs.  Now that’s a Jack O Lantern to carve! 



 Want to learn more about our Company Garden?

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 Have you heard about GreenCure?

Get the details of this hard working fungicide that is approved for Organic Gardening                            

These pumpkins are HUGE. 

A local orthodontist has these gigantic pumpkins carved every year and puts them in the front of his office for the passerbys to enjoy.

I am not only in awe of the size but also of the work it took to carve them. The largest one stands about four feet high. 

It’s hard to tell from these photos just how enormous they are. 

 It’s a very traveled street so they are seen by many and always enjoyed.  


 What a Halloween treat!

  ~”Tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch” ~ Linus


I took a ride with my son, his wife and their daughter Gracie to see the beautiful October foliage and to get our pumpkins. 

  We were headed to their friend Matt’s house.  He grows pumpkins and sells them in the barn outside of the farmhouse he is remodeling. 

 He has done a magnificent job restoring this very old home and barn. 

 There is pretty much nothing in the barn right now except for pumpkins

and plenty of them. 

 After a look around we easily settled on a few.  There was one imparticular little pumpkin in the patch that we couldn’t resist…

 she’s a keeper.

~”I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like”.~unknown



Sharing some fun Halloween greetings.pumpkin

 A local orthodontist in our area has these enormous pumpkins at Halloween time every year.  They are giant!  Maybe about 4 feet tall and just as wide! I am not sure where he finds them or who carves them but they certainly amuse the motorists and their passengers as they are located on a very busy street.pumpkin

 I think it is so great when people get into the spirit of the season and share fun things like this.  Believe me, it is not just the kids who look forward to seeing these pumpkins every year, it’s everyone who is young at heart.  pumpkin

Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?  ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering


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shakersMy Vintage Thingies this week are my black cat salt and pepper shakers.  I found them on Ebay several years ago and though they are out all year, they are especially cherished during October.  Halloween  is such a fun day to be a bit mischevious and enjoy the fall spirit.  I especially love black halloween cats and have acquired a bit of a collection over the years.  I mostly bring them out for Halloween which is one of my favorite times of the year. pumpkins

Black cats, spiders, pumpkins and jack-0 -lanterns.   Where did the tradition of pumkins for halloween begin? web-h-024

 If you let my husband spin his  halloween story that we hear every year as we carve our jack-o-lanterns, you would think Halloween  originated with the Ween family and their tradition of hollowing out pumpkins for lanterns.  We humor him each year as he tells the story in a different way.  The neices roll their eyes at my sons and they all listen to hear this year’s version. Maybe because he can’t remember how he told it the year before, or maybe he makes it up as he goes along, either way it’s our family’s joke at Halloween when we get together to carve our pumpkins.  web-halloween-021

In real life there are other stories to explain why we indeed carve  out pumpkins for Halloween.  The one that I found to be the most popular among web sites, is that of an Irish thief named Jack Stingy who tricked the devil to promise he wouldn’t take Jack into Hell.  But when Jack finally died, and was barred from Heaven for his evil ways, he had to go back to the gates of Hell and beg for a final resting place from the Devil who promptly refused him a place but  did offer a burning ember from Hell.  Jack put the glowing ember into a carved out turnip to light his way in the limbo between Heaven and Hell where he supposedly still lingers today.  

Thus the name Jack of the lantern or Jack- O- Lantern. web-halloween-062

Immigrants who moved to America found pumpkins growing abundantly so they started carving out pumpkins instead of turnips and carving a demonic face on them.  These were supposed to keep evil spirits away on All Saints  and All Souls days( Nov. 1 and 2).  They were symbolic of souls trapped in pergatory.  web-halloween-048

 All this folk lore is fun to learn about, and however they came upon Jack- O- Lanterns doesn’t really matter because it is such a fun tradition for kids and adults alike.  Halloween is a favorite holiday among many of us for it’s creative fun impersonations of evil and well, there is the candy.  Especially… Chocolate.   No, wait, that’s why it is my favorite!web-h-025

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.
~Author Unknown