If you are looking for a way to grow plants that’s easy on the eyes and the budget, consider container gardening.

  It is a great way to accent plants in your yard, deck, porch or garden. It also makes it possible to garden in small places or urban settings.

Containers are a great to  keep herbs in or near your kitchen.  You can even keep lettuce growing in a pot so it is always accessible when it’s time to make dinner.

Choose containers that have enough space for the plants you plan to put in them.

  There are many websites to visit that give  “recipes” for containers. Or you can visit a garden center and use your own taste to choose plants that look good when you put them together.  Be sure to check heights of plants, sun and watering requirements so that they like the same conditions, then place them where you can enjoy their beauty.

“I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself.  And I find sufficient purpose for my day.”  ~Robert Brault


  Yogi Bear clipart of hurry to picnic time!


Because my last post on containers caused  some interest in my  picnic baskets,  I thought I would show them for VTT, because they are not only fun and inexpensive they are also vintage. 

Unfortunately they don’t last more than a season or two if you leave them out where they are in the sun and rain. Under a covered porch they fare a little better. 

I don’t think I paid more than 8 dollars for any of them and that was with a tray inside and all the dishes and silverware. 

 I also use them for pointsettas at Christmas time because they look so nice much more finished than the foil wraps around the pot. 

  It is often hard to part with a perfectly good basket to leave outside but I just love the look so I sacrifice a couple of them every summer.  Now, on to next week’s project…..

We hit the jackpot.  I will keep you posted on these curb finds soon.


“Hello pic-i-nic basket.”    ~yogi bear



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