I was reading some of my old blog posts and came across this one which I had written just a month or so after I began my blog.  It was fun to see that I still feel this way about gardening as well as the difference in my posts from then until now.  They were much longer and personal which I miss but I have found that less is more when writing about my life in the garden because bloggers are busy and they don’t want to read a book, just a quick post.  With that said, sorry about the length of this one, it sums up a lot for me, so indulge me please…..

June, 2009~In my garden today, I pruned, dead headed, fertilized, transplanted, watered and admired.  After a few hours of trimming, edging,  and all of the other things I mentioned, my back ached and my hands felt cramped, but my heart was full and my brain completely entertained with the beauty and calmness that a garden brings.

Eventhough I was hungry and tired, I gladly carried on until all the chores  were complete.  Luckily I am blessed with a husband who also enjoys being out there and making our yard and garden a haven for tired souls  that love to be “working” with nature.  When he was done with his duties, he even made dinner for us as I used every available bit of light I could squeeze out of the day- (Today was the longest day of the year).  What I realized as I was out there is that one of the things I love about gardening is that you are never quite done.  You can only do what you can today and save the other million things you think of while you are doing todays things, for tomorrow.

 I find myself planning next year’s  tasks while I work on this years garden.  Of course, the forementioned wonderful husband nods and agrees to my big plans as if he intends on carrying out every project I dream up, no matter how large it is or unrealistic it is, he humors my enthusiasm ~I love that about him! OR maybe it is because he can actually see us doing these projects in his “gardener’s mind”  and my day dreams are similar to his day dreams for our garden next year. OR it could be that while I am going on about plans and projects  he has whisked himself away to his favorite fishing stream and he is really dreaming about that “big fish” that won’t get away and he is nodding to himself that he is really going to get that new fly rod he has been wanting and… as long as we are both happy… that’s all that really matters! Isn’t gardening just wonderful?

“My heart shall be thy garden.” ~ Alice Meynell

I am re-posting about this fun project since it’s about that time again to put it to use.

We found some vintage windows which inspired this entire project.  With a bit of wood found in the garage and a quick trip to Home Depot, we had the makings of a fun weekend. antique windows

On a gorgeous day in Spring,  my husband  got started on building me a cold frame.. web-kk-014

First he built it,web-kk-023

then he put on wheels so we can move it into the sun or in and out of the garage if we have a bad frost coming.

Next we painted it, web-saturday-014

put the windows on with  hinges, web-saturday-245

and reused the window hardware as handles.web-saturday-236

He added a couple of heavy duty handles on the sides for lifting (you never know) web-k-002

and there you have it…web-saturday-247

a great cold frame to hold all my fledgling seedlings and give them an early start.web-saturday-254


~ All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar. ~ Helen Hayes


 Starting seeds can be a sanity saver for many of us waiting  through a long winter for spring to arrive. 

 Last year my husband and I built a seed starting rack with lights so I could survive the winter gardening blues.  It was an easy and  fun project.

We purchased a metal shelf unit from Sams club. Then we  bought shop lights from Home Depot that could be plugged into a powerstrip so that no electrical wiring was necessary.

 Easy peasy.

 The only problem I found was that I wish we had made two shelves.

        ~”So many seeds, so little space.”~unknown 

 Gardening is something that just about anyone can do.  Children to older folks can participate and there is no right or wrong way to do it, just easier and harder. It gives us something in common with people we meet. It connects us with those that made us aware of the pleasure it can bring.  It is something we may learn from our parents or grandparents, maybe a neighbor or friend, possibly a mother in law or maybe a person at the garden center we visit. Or maybe we just learn as we go, but any way you look at it, nature calls for whatever the reason and we answer with our hard work, determination and most of all our patience. zzzz

What is it that draws us in and obsesses many?  Is it the lure of the flowers, their beauty, their fragrance?  Is it purely the personal enjoyment~a hobby?  Is it getting our hands dirty or feeling the soil as we work? w-snapdragons  

Do we actually like to sweat while standing out side with the gnats swarming us?  Maybe we like muscle pains and back aches?  Or is it the feeling of accomplishment when you stand back after a long day of swatting bugs and getting sunburned to take in the bounty of your hard work?  columbine

Having a purpose for being outdoors breathing the fresh air, growing flowers that fill our yards and vases for sheer pleasure or being one with the earth while taking in mother nature’s gifts could some it up for many.    Some garden to get food, pure and simple.  Others may like the challenge of putting order and beauty where it hadn’t existed, making  something out of nothing. Perhaps it is to see the amazing beauty and colors that Mother Nature can produce at our own hand, making us part of the grand scheme of life in tangible ways.   x

 Perhaps we garden for all of the above in some shape or form but mostly I like to think that people garden because it simply makes them happy~ for whatever the reason.ww

  So as each of us gardeners long for springtime to arrive, and we wait for sunny, warm days that don’t last long enough to do everything we hope to in the garden that day, we can ponder why  do we do it. 

 The truth is most of us would probably say it’s just… because. zinia


  “We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and in between we garden.”~ unknown


 Gardening by the moon is an age old practice.  Since the moon controls ocean tides, it is believed that it influences the groundwater tables beneath our feet and the movement of fluids in plants.  This is why planting at a certain phase and harvesting at a certain phase is supposedly beneficial.  These photos I took of the moon by no means do it justice but they remind me just how amazing the moon is. web-moon-041

    The size of the moon when it first appears on the horizon is enormous. It appears like that because our brains perceive a low moon to be larger than one that’s high in the sky.  They actually have a name for this ~Moon Illusion. The moon also can appear warmer or reddish on the horizon.  This is caused by moonlight passing through a larger amount of atmospheric particles than when the moon is overhead, this scatters the bluish part of moonlight (which is really white light reflecting from the sun), but it lets in the red parts of the light which travel a straighter path to our eyes.web-mu

 The Harvest moon is actually the full moon closest to the fall equinox.  It usually occurs in late September or early October.  It was called that because it’s brightness made it possible for farmers to harvest after dark.

  After doing a little reading I found out the November full moon which is also referred to as the Beaver moon which lets you know it is time to set your beaver traps before the swamps freeze. This info ensures a supply of warm winter furs for a trapper. So if you are a trapper, get to work soon.  If you’re not you can do other things when the full moon is out like dance by the light of the moon, or howl at the moon, or turn into a werewolf…web-moon-058

It all sounds like lunacy to me. ;) 



Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Last week we had several rainy days that were really needed. 

 The temperatures have been cooler and it was beginning to feel fall like way toooooo soon for me. 


It has finally stopped and they are predicting sunshine and warm weather for the next 6 days or so. 

 Whew.  I thought maybe summer had ended. 


Luckily between the raindrops,

 I was able to shoot a few pics of my flowers,

wet as they were.

They are  pretty in a different way than usual. 

Dreary weather and rain change the perspective a bit,


but there is no denying their beauty,

in any light.

 ~I am sure it is a great mistake always to know enough to go in when it rains.  One may keep snug and dry by such knowledge, but one misses a world of loveliness.  ~Adeline Knapp


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hisc10alb-2tI have a great product to blog about today.  I actually  came across it at the Philadelphia Garden Show  last year.  The minute I watched their demonstration that showed all the different settings of water flow from strong to trickle I was drawn in, but what really grabbed my attention was it’s construction that allows you to drop it and not ruin it.  I think I drop hose nozzles more than any thing else, and usually it breaks them. 

 Not the Ultimate  Hoze Nozzle.  It sort of bounces.  No worries about breaking it ~and if you do figure out how to break it, there is a life time warranty from the manufacturer.  Yes I said lifetime.  You send it back and they send you a new one.  Works for me.  I have been using this since last April and eventhough I drop it left and right,  It still works like a charm.  I also like how it turns on and off to the left and to the right and you don’t have to hurt your hand holding in a trigger because you just twist it on and water away.  The high power is great for washing the car, the driveway, etc… and the lighter settings are gentle enough to water delicate flowers or give your dog a bath, whatever you need to do.  If you want to give it a look just click on my link above or go to gardenshoesonline.com.  You will find a great video that shows you just how great this hose nozzle is.  I just love it.


To spite the chilly wind, rain, sleet and snow, my friend and I went to a flower market called Frog Pond in Bainbridge NY.  web-frog-pomd-047

 Inside the green houses it was warm and toasty.  web-frog-pomd-023

The sound of the rain and sleet pounding on the roof did not deter our enjoyment of the flowers and plants at all. 

pansy In fact I hardly noticed ~ I was enamored by the scents and sights of the  produce and flowers. web-frog-pomd-091  

Eventhough it is too early to put in most plants, we managed to fill our wagons with pansies and fruit. web-frog-pomd-051

 We oogled the flowers and perrenials and in our minds planned our next trip  web-frog-pomd-094

~when it will be sunny and warm. 



 ~The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.  ~Hanna Rion

Scenic Sunday

ptpc-logo-1-copygreenGardening Gone Wild- Picture This entry for April


~Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy.  ~Astrid Alauda


I couldn’t resist this subject. morning glory

 I had a few pictures that work, so here they are.






~”But each spring…a gardening instinct, sure as the sap rising in the trees, stirs within us. We look about and decide to tame another little bit of ground.” -~Lewis Gantt

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