Green Cure is an organic fungicide made to treat and prevent powdery mildew as well as many other plant diseases.   Click on the Green Cure link above to read about all the diseases that Green Cure will take care of and how it works. web-jkl-123

Advantages of GreenCure

Kills powdery mildew and other diseases on contact and provides
up to 2 weeks of residual protection

  • Odorless – no foul smell

  • Fully dissolves in water

  • Sprays on evenly and sticks to
    plant surfaces

  • Fruits & vegetables can be harvested as soon as 1 hour after spraying

  • Does not restrict plant growth

  • Economical

  • It does not accumulate in soil

  • Compatible with  beneficial insects

For Organic Production

GreenCure® treats 25 types of plant diseases and is recommended for use on over 150 different flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, and turfs. It can be used in organic vegetable production and even indoors.