Winter’s Light is the theme for GGW Picture This Photo Contest this month. This is my entry.     winters-light

The afternoon light catching on this icicle hanging out my window made for an interesting shot.  There is so little color, yet you can feel the cold on the gray winter’s day. It depicts the starkness of Winter to me.

  I also enjoyed seeing the paintings made by Jack Frost on my window one morning this winter. 

To me, this one looks like tall grass and ferns on the side of a pond.


 Looks like a bird flying near the top of an evergreen tree.

frosty windows

The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination.  ~Ward Elliot Hour



whotcocoaGardening Gone Wild is hosting their monthly photo contest.  The Subject is Roses.  Weeeeelpink-rosellMary Roselll,  I pinkjust love roses. w-roses1








                                                               The following 3 pictures are my entries.   




   This is the rose in my garden that I think is easily one of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen~ It is a russet-colored floribunda named Hot Cocoa. 

The texture of the petals and the shiny leaves make it stand out from other roses.I watched the flowers unfurl.  When it is was a bud – I was sure that it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen, then it opened and it was even more pretty, now when it’s in full bloom, it is even more beautiful.  The color is extraordinary, and I also really love the name~ how could a rose named after chocolate be anything but delicious?roses-over-fence

 I took this picture last week at Cayuga Lake.  I couldn’t resist photographing them, they looked very old fashioned and romantic.



      You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses”~ Ziggy