I was reading some of my old blog posts and came across this one which I had written just a month or so after I began my blog.  It was fun to see that I still feel this way about gardening as well as the difference in my posts from then until now.  They were much longer and personal which I miss but I have found that less is more when writing about my life in the garden because bloggers are busy and they don’t want to read a book, just a quick post.  With that said, sorry about the length of this one, it sums up a lot for me, so indulge me please…..

June, 2009~In my garden today, I pruned, dead headed, fertilized, transplanted, watered and admired.  After a few hours of trimming, edging,  and all of the other things I mentioned, my back ached and my hands felt cramped, but my heart was full and my brain completely entertained with the beauty and calmness that a garden brings.

Eventhough I was hungry and tired, I gladly carried on until all the chores  were complete.  Luckily I am blessed with a husband who also enjoys being out there and making our yard and garden a haven for tired souls  that love to be “working” with nature.  When he was done with his duties, he even made dinner for us as I used every available bit of light I could squeeze out of the day- (Today was the longest day of the year).  What I realized as I was out there is that one of the things I love about gardening is that you are never quite done.  You can only do what you can today and save the other million things you think of while you are doing todays things, for tomorrow.

 I find myself planning next year’s  tasks while I work on this years garden.  Of course, the forementioned wonderful husband nods and agrees to my big plans as if he intends on carrying out every project I dream up, no matter how large it is or unrealistic it is, he humors my enthusiasm ~I love that about him! OR maybe it is because he can actually see us doing these projects in his “gardener’s mind”  and my day dreams are similar to his day dreams for our garden next year. OR it could be that while I am going on about plans and projects  he has whisked himself away to his favorite fishing stream and he is really dreaming about that “big fish” that won’t get away and he is nodding to himself that he is really going to get that new fly rod he has been wanting and… as long as we are both happy… that’s all that really matters! Isn’t gardening just wonderful?

“My heart shall be thy garden.” ~ Alice Meynell


As promised, I took a photo of my iris’s that are now opened up.  I think it’s the color that really grabs me with these, although the flower itself is beautiful on it’s own. iris full bloom

 Maybe I am just so winter weary that  any flower makes me giddy.  Either way there is no denying that Mother Nature is incredible.  It may not be outdoors but it is a sight to behold. oriental-iris1

F is for Fabulous!

oriental iris


~”Beauty is the Mistress, the Gardener Her Slave.”~unknown