I bought this Santa sign at a garage sale for $4.  I couldn’t believe my luck, that I had found it.  It stands about 4 ft tall and is made out of wood.   I think it may have been an advertisement of some sort long ago.  Whatever it was, it has new life now bringing Christmas spirit into our home year after year.


~”Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live. ” ~Dennis Miller ;)  

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 Things are looking a little ragged but still my garden is bloomin away.

  The Montauk Daisies are still really pretty and I have some zinnias that are holding fast. 

There are even a few roses and climatis blooms hanging on until the bitter end. 



  My nasturtium are still large mounds of leaves with many flowers and I was surprised to find a  random foxglove making a last hurrah before the killing frost. 


 I am so glad they are such survivors because everyday they are there to enjoy ~

is one less day of missing them until next spring.


~”Fall is not the end of the gardening year; it is the start of next year’s growing season.  The mulch you lay down
will protect your perennial plants during the winter and feed the soil as it decays, while the cleaned up flower
bed will give you a huge head start on either planting seeds or setting out small plants.”-   Thalassa Cruso



My garden is trying hard to keep the color alive after finally getting such badly needed rain. 

Flowers are blooming from plants I thought long gone so I am hesitant to clean up my garden just yet. 

 I like to get every bit of life out of those plants before succumbing to the reality that summer is quite over this year. 

 There hasn’t been a hard frost yet to do them all in so I will absorb every bit of enjoyment from all of them that I still can. 

It is a welcome sight to still see some lush color after such drought conditions where everything was parched and dry. 

        ~”Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and “~Carol Bishop Hipps

This past weekend, my friend Linda and I hit a neighborhood garage sale.  2010-05-08-094419

About 90 families participated.  It was great fun.  We of course, same as last year, filled my Jeep with as much as it could hold.  This time we even ended up with a dresser bungied to the top.  The other dresser we bought was inside along with a pair of children’s adirondack chairs with a table, several picnic baskets, crocks, 2 old tiki torches and an ash bucket.  2010-05-08-094436

It to0k about three hours to walk through all of it.  We were tired and hungry but it was nothing a bag of kettle corn and a lemonade couldn’t cure.2010-05-08-103346

 On the way home (since no excursion is complete with out it), we managed to stop at a  flower and plant market and bought a few perennials which had to sit in Linda’s lap since we had used up about every inch of space in the car. It was a very productive morning.  And fun!


~A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.  ~Author Unknown


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 My son has seen the movie Avatar five times. web-aster-blossom

  I have seen it twice.  Once just to see it, on New Year’s Eve with my husband and then last night my aforementioned son talked me into a late movie.  Since he is 18 and way too busy to hit the movies with his mom on a regular basis, I decided I would take him up on the offer even though I was very tired.  (We mothers seize the moment when they present themselves, knowing that these opportunities tend to dwindle).columbine 

 The movie was awesome.  When you see it, pay special attention to the jungle.  The effects were amazing, but the thing that grabbed my eye the most was the jungle flora.

If you look closely at common everyday plants that most of us have in our own gardens, you can see where their ideas sprung.  Ocean as well as rain forest plants and creatures inspired most of their huge fern like plants to the lizards that light up and spin away in the movie. You will be amazed at their creativity and you will see the similarities.w-hibiscus

 What wonderful imaginations they had to make such a mind-boggling place.  Its beauty was the combination of what is in our world with the effects to make it look larger than life and from another world.  The flowers and leaves that glowed in the dark were so cool. They mimicked plants and animals that exist in our world under water and in the soil, and made them more with their special effects and computer animation. 


The great, and I mean huge, tree, Eywa is the way the Na’vi (people of Pandora, the planet Avatar takes place on)explain the Mother Earth/Mother Nature concept.  It is like an internet that connects all living things.  It is sacred and beloved by all the people of Pandora.


 I loved the Tree of Souls with its beautiful neon vines that hang like a weeping willow.  The Na’vi people are able to connect with their ancestors through this magnificent being.  tendril


There are spirits that look like a spore from a dandelion, but float in the air like a jelly fish does in water. The floating mountains were beautiful as well as the rest of the planet of Pandora which resembled a tropical rain forest. Even the Na’vi are colorful people. tiny mushroom


  Great imaginations also brought to light important morals.  The concept that all species are dependent upon each other is a powerful reminder for us. Not destroying your own planet should be another general rule to abide, and being able to tap into the past and their knowledge plus experience, now there’s a great idea!lily


  So when spring comes I will be trying to find plants that light up the night, or communicate to the wildlife, or bring people back to life.




  Now those would be welcome additions to any garden.  




Our great mother Eywa does not take sides, Jake; only protects the balance of life. ~Neytirimacro monday


Scenic SundayMy World Tuesday 

  *These are all from my garden last summer.  Mouse over pics to see name of flower.

My World Tuesday   My World Tuesdayrecreation park

 Took my dog for a walk  and ended up in the park that is across the street from my house just as the light was changing at dusk.  This park was donated to our city by George F Johnson, the founder of Endicott Johnson Shoes.  He was a visionary in the manufacturing business.  He treated his workers very well and insisted on relaxation and recreation in their lives.  recreation park

It is a wonderful place in the heart of the West Side that everyone in the city enjoys.  Many great events are hosted here but mostly the park is hopping with activity.web-2010-01-11-164657

  There are tennis courts, basketball courts, a merry go round, a band stand, playground area, picnic areas, a hill for sledding,  two baseball fields, a huge pool with a bathhouse and lots of beautiful oak trees.  George F. Johnson donated the park  as well as the merry go round to the people of Binghamton to enjoy. He also donated several other merry go rounds throughout our county that are free to the public. recreation park bandstand

You can read more about this wonderful gift at http://westsidebinghamton.org/recpark.html



~Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas.  ~J.K. Rowling

Since the weather is bleak and bitter cold I decided to show you my inside world.   

Thunder and his giraffe

This is my English Setter, Thunder.  Althought he is almost 12, he still acts like he is  a young pup. He keeps things interesting around here. 

thunderMy goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.  ~Author Unknown


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