Researchers discover hummingbird secretMy garden is flourishing, my plants are blooming, my vegetables are getting ready to be picked, but my summer goals have not yet been reached.  Try as I might, I have not seen

any hummingbirds since we moved to this house.  Although I rarely saw them at my other house, I did see them occasionally.  Here, nothing.  I have a hummingbird feeder hung among the red bee balm, hostas, pink bee balm, foxgloves, red hollyhocks and many other known lures for the little guys.  Still they elude me. Someone told me to put oranges in the tree, that only brought wasps.  I have since learned that they don’t use scent to guide them, only sight.  How they can miss all my flowers I don’t know, so I sit patiently in my yard waiting for that flash of red and whiz of wings.  Although I know one will probably decide to zoom by one day when my camera is not handy, I will take comfort knowing that I did finally get to see one in my own yard. So I wait, watch and change the humming bird feeder every week so that they have fresh red sugary nectar waiting.  Maybe it will be tomorrow, or the next day.  I can only  hope that when one finds my yard I will be there to be amazed.



 From scarlet to powdered gold,
to blazing yellow,
to the rare
ashen emerald,
to the orange and black velvet
of your shimmering corselet,
out to the tip that like an amber thorn
                                                     begins you,
                                                    small, superlative being,
                                                    you are a miracle,
                                                     and you blaze                  ~ Pablo Neruda