hisc10alb-2tI have a great product to blog about today.  I actually  came across it at the Philadelphia Garden Show  last year.  The minute I watched their demonstration that showed all the different settings of water flow from strong to trickle I was drawn in, but what really grabbed my attention was it’s construction that allows you to drop it and not ruin it.  I think I drop hose nozzles more than any thing else, and usually it breaks them. 

 Not the Ultimate  Hoze Nozzle.  It sort of bounces.  No worries about breaking it ~and if you do figure out how to break it, there is a life time warranty from the manufacturer.  Yes I said lifetime.  You send it back and they send you a new one.  Works for me.  I have been using this since last April and eventhough I drop it left and right,  It still works like a charm.  I also like how it turns on and off to the left and to the right and you don’t have to hurt your hand holding in a trigger because you just twist it on and water away.  The high power is great for washing the car, the driveway, etc… and the lighter settings are gentle enough to water delicate flowers or give your dog a bath, whatever you need to do.  If you want to give it a look just click on my link above or go to gardenshoesonline.com.  You will find a great video that shows you just how great this hose nozzle is.  I just love it.