Time to dust off the garden tools and think spring. 

This should include being prepared for the first nice spring day by knowing which shoes, boots or clogs you will slip on to greet the new year of gardening. Ranger Ladybugs Purple Dragonfly Garden Clogs

  Some folks may say they prefer an old pair of sneakers, flip flops or just plain old barefoot. 

That’s fine, but wearing a pair of gardening shoes will extend your gardening time and pleasure so more can be accomplished and enjoyed. 

 I’d dare say that most people that experience a good pair of footwear in the garden will be hard pressed to venture out there again in bare feet.  Not to mention the pedicure problems that can be avoided as well as health and safety issues for your feet. 

Warm feet that are dry and safe make it easier to stay out there long enough to accomplish the task at hand.  So whether you prefer clogs, boots or shoes, there are so many to choose from at Garden Shoes Online.

Do your feet and back a favor !  

May all your weeds be wildflowers.  ~ Author Unknown

 If you want to wear something that is a bit more durable on mucky ground than a shoe, especially when the terrain is deeper dirt or mud, the Muck Scrub Boot from Garden Shoes Online should be your first consderation.

 This is a boot designed for messy chores and working outdoors. Hosing them off cleans them in a snap.  They are waterproof, comfortable and also come in fun colors as well as the traditional green.  It has a stretch-fit binding at the top that snugs your calf to keeps warmth in and the breathable Airmesh lining keeps your foot dry(from perspiration).

The multi ribbed tread gives you good traction and the seamless, easy to clean rubber overlay makes it waterproof.  Even the top flex foam bootie is waterproof as well as snag resistant.  It has a kick rim for hands free removal and natural rubber reinforcement in the toe, heel, achilles, and shank areas that offer extra protection when working with tools.  If you want a boot that goes on and off easily and keeps your feet dry and comfortable, the Muck Scrub Boot is a great choice.


The other sports are just sports.  Baseball is a love.  ~Bryant Gumbel

ABC Wednesday

Last winter, while out on a drive we came upon this wonderful tractor.

red tractor

 And what could be better than an old tractor?tractor

An old red tractor.



Happiness is never stopping to think if you are.  ~Palmer Sondreal
Wednesday is REDnesday! WHERE?



~To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.  ~Beverly Nichols

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web-2010-04-29-124429My friend’s dog Riley has very good taste in flowers. web-2010-04-29-124234

Or maybe the flowers just taste good.

 She was almost as happy to get those lilacs as I was. 

~Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras
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web-vintage-037I found some great old photos in the attic today.  I have a trunk that belonged to my husband’s grandfather.  He had an envelope filled with old photos and other papers. As you can see in the second photo, they were dated June 17, 1917 and written on them also was “in our backyard”.  web-vintage-033

Among the pictures were some which really gave me a chuckle.  I am not quite sure what it is they are doing here but it is somehow garden related.  Each person has a different gardening tool.  There’s a hoe, a rake, a watering can, a milk bottle that they are dumping, and they also have a bug sprayer. They have on aprons or smocks, even the men.  The first photo has a random broom hanging over them.  Hopefully it was just silliness.  Have any ideas?

Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.  ~Thomas Fuller

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Working in my garden today, I was taken back by the lovely scent of lilacs. lilac

 Their delicate fragance floats in the air in little wisps that catch your attention.lilacs

  They are such pretty flowers in shades of purple, periwinkle and white. lilac

 I have planted many lilacs in the 3 years since we bought this house, just for that small window of spring when they will speckle my view with purple and fill the air with that oh so lovely scent. -lilac

For now they are young and I don’t get as many to pick as I would like, but as luck would have it, my son’s entire yard is bordered on one side by many many lilac trees. 

lilac Needless to say I went over there and picked myself some.  lilac bouquet

One bouquet for the dining room and one for my bedroom. lilacs in a vase

 You can’t have too many flowers especially ones that smell this good.


~I am thinking of the lilac-trees,
  That shook their purple plumes,
    And when the sash was open,
      Shed fragrance through the room.~Anna S. Stephens


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web-r-001We finally had a beautiful spring day. trout lily

 There was plenty of wind but at least it was sunny and mild. 

trout lily It felt good to be out there working in my garden.web-r-008

 At the end of the day I snapped a few pictures of what’s going on in this yard of mine. web-r-023

There is quite a mix showing up this week.web-r-068

It’s so nice to see these old friends after such a long time.web-r-064

  ~One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.  ~W.E. Johns

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Just got a text message from a friend…”My mini greenhouse has sprouts..it’s so exciting.” 

 Funny what a thrill we get from those little greenish yellow  plants poking out their heads to see the world.web-l-0301

 I think it’s innate in all of us to want to sow and reap from the Earth. web-flowers-today-0341

 I mean, seriously, why else would we spend hours upon hours thinking and planning, then more hours doing back breaking work while swatting bugs and sweating?  There must be some great force that draws us to it.  web-sunday-088

Of course there are the flowers and the vegetables but it’s not like we can’t acquire them without all the work. veggies

 We choose to garden. 

In some of us, it’s one of the most relaxing and enjoyable pastimes we can think of.  But unlike reading or knitting, we get our hands dirty and only have partial control over the outcome of our labors. 



Still we do it. w-bunch

Maybe that’s why we do it.

 There aren’t to many steadfast rules to follow.  We get to get dirty for a good reason, it gets us outdoors breathing in fresh air, gives us excercise and we have to work with nature as best as we can to get the outcome we are hoping for. zz1


What’s not to love?



~”But each spring…a gardening instinct, sure as the sap rising in the trees, stirs within us. We look about and decide to tame another little bit of ground.” ~ Lewis Gantt