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It’s finally time to retire the old adirondack chairs.


I have had them almost 3 years now and when I found them on the curb discarded with the trash I didn’t think I could get one year out of them.  They were so delapidated, but thank goodness my husband has the same vision as I do when it comes to vintage stuff.  He was able to patch, replace and repair until he wouldn’t or should I say couldn’t do it any longer.  In his words “the paint is all that’s holding them together”. The chairs had seen their day and I had to accept the reality.

adirondack chairs, sedum

So when he took the rotting, broken chair to the curb, I held on with all my strength to the other one, while protesting loudly that he should find a way to replace the rotten pieces of the one in his hands as it crumbled to the touch where it had broken.  The other chair I carried safely to a corner that doesn’t get too much use.  It looks good, and after all isn’t that all that really matters?

Web july 13 017

New ones can’t compare to the classic lake charm look of the old ones. They just don’t make them like they used to. But alas I had to begin looking for new ones because my yard just doesn’t look as good without them and it’s our favorite place to sit when we exchange the events of the day in the evening.  

Web july 13 011

By chance, Home Depot had just two left of their inexpensive Adirondack chairs.  We snatched them because they were A. inexpensive (like $38 each) and B because it will take time to find some really cool ones that were built long ago and are still keeping together or at least replicas that look that way, so I need some to fill the gap until then.

Web july 13 022





After several coats of shiny red paint they didn’t look half bad.  Of course, they aren’t as comfy or nearly as sturdy as my old ones(in their prime) but they would have to do.

Web lilys 020


We need a place to relax and enjoy the show which is our life.






Web july 13 010


     ~”A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself. ” ~May Sarton

Using a rain barrel is a great way to conserve water and keep your garden watered for free. 

 It saves one of our most important resources and making a rain barrel is really not that difficult.  With just a couple of simple steps you can make your own.

You will need

 a plastic barrel

 a drill, a hole bit (the size of your spigot)

 2 spigots

 a short length of flexible downspout

 2 hoses

pvc glue

and a jigsaw.

First you need to find a plastic barrel.  (We were lucky enough to be given a large plastic barrel that is used to store milk on a farm.)

Drill a hole about 6 inches from the bottom, (bring your spigots to the hardware store and find a drill bit to match the size of it)

Insert the spigot and seal it with PVC glue.

We also suggest installing a second spigot about 6 inches from the top – that way any overflow can go into a hose directed away from the house. Rain barrels fill up surprisingly fast.

If you like, put a coat or two of paint on your barrel (suitable for plastic).  Choose a color that makes it blend in well to your background.  Then you will hardly notice it while it works for you.

After you select the site for your rain barrel, cut your house downspout  about two to three feet higher than the height of the rainbarrel.     (plus the hight of the cinderblocks.)

Cut a hole in the top of the rain barrel that fits the flexible downspout.

 (*You could of course place your house downspout straight into the rain barrel if you can fit it in without being flexed a bit)

Place the rain barrel on top of a couple of cinder blocks to enhance the power of gravity for hose pressure.

 Insert the flexible downspout into the barrel and then fit the flexible downspout onto your  house downspout.

Next connect your hoses.  (We chose to put a soaker hose on the bottom spigot  so it automatically waters an area under our pine trees that is often untouched by rain.  We also added a regular hose to the top of the rain barrel spigot that will direct any water that overfills the barrel to another location that hardly gets any water.)  Or you can choose to let it fill up and use the water when you need it with a watering can or attaching a regular hose when you need it.

Now sit back and get ready to collect that free run off water that usually ends up washing away down the sewer.

*This is really an easy project but if you are not a do it yourself type of person, there are many rain barrels on the market that aren’t very expensive and you can set up easily.


“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”  ~Roger Miller




My Granddaughter Gracie and I planted some seeds this week.  The weather was actually pleasant so we headed out to the back yard and got our hands dirty.

She is finally old enough to participate in gardening this year so I am excited to see her reaction to the seedlings sprouting.

Web IMG_0473

 Patience is the first lesson in gardening and 2 1/2 year old children don’t have a lot of it. ~(Heck I don’t have a lot of patience waiting for plants either)~ But that’s what she will learn about while she is waiting for her seedlings to appear.Web IMG_0472

Kids in the garden are so fun.  She was way more interested in digging in the dirt and getting her hands dirty than picking up tiny seeds and trying to place them in the tray.

Sounds like she is a natural to me!

gracie boots 


~”One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.”  ~W.E. Johns

Web easter  

Web tulips (39)

snowbunnies (16)


It’s Easter time and most of us picture bright sunny spring days filled with  birds chirping and flowers blooming.  Not this year in the North East. We have had gloomy skies for the past several days filled with March winds and flakes of snow whipping by.


But all is not lost because we can get through these last days of winter weather in the spring by taking in the little things around us, like daffodils in the grocery stores to bring home and pretend I have just picked from my garden, and a few brave bulbs beginning to emerge from the cold ground. 

lauras cactus

A Christmas cactus that thinks it’s an Easter cactus and old Easter cards that I found in a box. 



kitty spring

These are what hold me over until the real thing comes along.


easter, spring

That and the knowledge that in a few days we will be heading to Florida to sit ocean side in muuuch warmer weather than we have here. 

 So I’ll keep on smiling because we have made it this far and the worst is behind us now


…it just has to be.


  Happy Easter, I hope it’s spring like where you live!






If you are looking for a way to grow plants that’s easy on the eyes and the budget, consider container gardening.

  It is a great way to accent plants in your yard, deck, porch or garden. It also makes it possible to garden in small places or urban settings.

Containers are a great to  keep herbs in or near your kitchen.  You can even keep lettuce growing in a pot so it is always accessible when it’s time to make dinner.

Choose containers that have enough space for the plants you plan to put in them.

  There are many websites to visit that give  “recipes” for containers. Or you can visit a garden center and use your own taste to choose plants that look good when you put them together.  Be sure to check heights of plants, sun and watering requirements so that they like the same conditions, then place them where you can enjoy their beauty.

“I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself.  And I find sufficient purpose for my day.”  ~Robert Brault


I am re-posting about this fun project since it’s about that time again to put it to use.

We found some vintage windows which inspired this entire project.  With a bit of wood found in the garage and a quick trip to Home Depot, we had the makings of a fun weekend. antique windows

On a gorgeous day in Spring,  my husband  got started on building me a cold frame.. web-kk-014

First he built it,web-kk-023

then he put on wheels so we can move it into the sun or in and out of the garage if we have a bad frost coming.

Next we painted it, web-saturday-014

put the windows on with  hinges, web-saturday-245

and reused the window hardware as handles.web-saturday-236

He added a couple of heavy duty handles on the sides for lifting (you never know) web-k-002

and there you have it…web-saturday-247

a great cold frame to hold all my fledgling seedlings and give them an early start.web-saturday-254


~ All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar. ~ Helen Hayes


  The last couple of days have been so humid and hot. 

 We were at 96 degrees yesterday. I think it may have been that warm today as well. 

 Hard to believe we had a frost warning a week ago which was preceded by temps in the nineties a week before that.

My plants seem to be happy though, especially after the great thundershower this afternoon. 

I still have plants to put into my garden that I haven’t been able to find the time to plant.  I guess that’s what weekends are for.

..if you are looking for me, you know where I will be. 

~”A smile is like tight underwear – it makes your cheeks go up.” ~Unknown



 The Original Ultimate Garden Nozzle is the best nozzle I have come across.  Click on the picture for more details



~”Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.”  ~Author Unknown

 Since it is January, I thought I would reminisce a bit about one of my favorite flowers.  Dahlias.

They never disappoint.

 Dahlias come in all sizes and colors. 


 They aren’t hardy, so their tubers must be dug up before the first frost to be replanted the following year.

But they are so worth the trouble. 

They are one plant that I put in every year because they are so dependable and rewarding.  

~”When words escape, flowers speak.”

-   Bruce W. Currie

Looking for some great ideas that will really wow the gardener  on your list?  Garden Shoes Online has a lot of great products that will bring a smile to their face and a put a skip in their step.

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What about a pair of Womanswork High Performance Gloves  matched up with a Radius Garden Hand tool? 

 The two together make gardening easy on the hands. 

How about a pair of Rose Gauntlet Gloves and a pair of Felco Pruners? 

 Yes, we have them both and I can personally say they are great together.  Trimming rosebushes or even a Christmas tree is so much more enjoyable with the right tools. 

 The original hose nozzle is an awesome gift for anyone, not just gardeners.

 Team it up with a pair of Ranger Dragon fly clogs or a pair of sloggers women’s print garden shoes  and any homeowner can be dry, comfortable and cute while they water their flowers.

   Who wouldn’t love that? 

For someone that can’t bend down to their knees easily, why not check out the garden kneeler. 

Easy on the knees or flip it over for a convenient seat.  a pair of Bionic Gardening Gloves, they help prevent hand fatigue with their anatomical relief pads.

  These two together will make achy joints less of a hindrance so gardening can be enjoyed again. 

Want a gift that will really make her happy? 

 A pair of Rain bops rain boots and a radius pro tool would knock her socks off. 

Speaking of which any pair of our socks will go well with boots or shoes.

There are also many stocking stuffer gifts too.

These are just a few suggestions that would make great gifts together.  Take a look around the site, you won’t have trouble finding gifts you like, it’s choosing that will be difficult!


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