My garden this month has been doing  pretty well. 

My rose bush has been blooming well all summer.

 I have had some heat casualties but I try to focus on the good things,

 like my four oclocks that I grew from seed. 

And the nasturtiums that really did well this summer for me,

although in the past I wasn’t so lucky. 

The vegetables haven’t been a bumper crop,

but there is enough for my family to enjoy fresh veggies so far. 


  My hdrangeas bloomed well as long as I kept them watered.

 Lack of rain has dettered a few plants while others seemed to thrive on the heat. 

 I for one will not complain about a hot summer.

  I just wish it wasn’t coming to a close. 

Hope your summer has been flower filled, fruitful and fun.

~”There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.”
~ Celia Thaxter


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It’s hard to believe that it is already mid June. 

 Almost the first day of summer. 

 Things are blooming away here. 

 My vegetables seem to be doing well so far.

  Putting in these raised beds makes it so much easier to take care of them.  

 I have delphiniums in blue, 

and purple.

There are nasturtiums as well as

Evening Primrose(sun drops),



and Campanula cherry bells.

 I love this time of year. 

 I hope you are enjoying this wonderful month of June.




 “Did you ever think how a bit of land
shows the character of the owner?” 

~Laura Ingalls Wilder

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 These are a few of the beauties growing in my garden right now. hibiscus

The pink hibiscus has such an interesting center.  The Stamen and Pistil remind me of an alien hand, or maybe something Dr. Seuss would draw.  Very colorful.  It’s too bad each flower only lasts a day.  Luckily there are many more to follow. strawflower

 The straw flowers have that dried flower feel to them.  I have always thought they were very interesting.  Gazania

Lastly are the Gazanias.  They are such a bright and colorful flower that close at night.  They are an easy plant to grow.gazania

~“You must not know too much or be too precise or scientific about birds and trees and flowers and watercraft; a certain free-margin, and even vagueness – ignorance, credulity – helps your enjoyment of these things.”~Henry David Thoreau


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moss up close

I went outside today and was surprised to see my stone patio finally getting moss in the cracks.  Upon closer inspection, I found that it was really plush and thick, soft to the touch, but longer than any moss I have ever seen. 

mossSo although I am calling it moss, I am not sure if that is indeed what it is.  It could be tiny aliens growing in my back yard for all I know but it looks like moss to me.  In anycase it looks really good.  From the photos you can see how thick it is on the stones.  

moss in the stones

acorn in moss

This is a different kind of moss with an acorn laying on it-  or maybe it’s really a tiny house on a hillside. Maybe those tiny aliens live in it. 

Okay ….it’s really late and can you tell I need sleep.  

PS~If you know what kind of moss this is, let me know.  The internet says there are 12,000 different types of moss~I am very curious but way too tired to research it tonight.