Who says we can’t look great and show our personalities while we are playing in the dirt?

Garden Shoes Online offers sturdy protective boots for those of you that landscape. We also have waterproof boots and shoes for those rainy spring days or muddy gardens. Do you want gardening shoes that slip on and off easily for those that like to “just do a bit of deadheading” that leads to an afternoon of rearranging their entire garden.  There is protective footwear that in addition to being waterproof and comfortable are also made to look good on you and show your personal style.

Tired, calloused hands, sore knees, mud in my shoes, and gnats bugging me are some of the discomforts I used to think were part of gardening until I started working at Garden Shoes Online. Until then I had no idea what a difference great garden shoes, boots, hats, tools and gloves could do for my gardening game.

I have found that quality gardening tools and accessories can make any task more efficient and ergonomic therefore easier on my ever-aging back and joints.  So if you are thinking that you have gotten along fine without great gloves or comfortable garden shoes, think again.  It’s so much better when the right tool or accessory is easily available and makes your work more like the play you intended it to be.

My old pair of sneakers or flip-flops aren’t my garden shoe go-tos any more. I can be standing in dirt, filthy and tired, but with a quality pair of garden shoes on that feel good, I can forge on knowing my shoes not only look good, support my feet and preserve my pedicure, they also keep my feet clean, my traction great and protect my foot arch from shoveling injuries. 

 It  is also much more enjoyable to garden with a good pair of gloves.  What a difference they can make.  No more calloused hands, blisters or dirt under my nails. My hands aren’t dried out from the dirt or the scrubbing it takes to get them clean after gardening now that I always wear a pair of quality gardening gloves. 

I am no longer swatting the bugs and sunburned while I weed because I wear my Insect Shield Wide brim Hat that not only keeps bugs away, it offers spf 50+ protection from the sun.

Buying from an online store may make you take pause~

  • What if they don’t fit? No worries there, we have a Perfect Fit Guarantee~ If the size your ordered doesn’t fit we will send you the correct size for free. We want you to love your new shoes or boots!
  • What if it’s a heavy item?  Shipping could be expensive. ~ Don’t fret, we ship for free any order over $49 dollars and if it’s under $49 dollars for your items we charge a flat fee of $4.95. So buying online gives you choices all in one place for items you probably can’t find at any stores nearby.  


Our goal at Garden Shoes Online is to make your passion for gardening be greater by making you more comfortable, more efficient, safer and of course making you look good too.  Even though you didn’t think you could love gardening more than you already do, click on over to Garden Shoes Online and see the many products we offer that really can make it even better.


Time to dust off the garden tools and think spring. 

This should include being prepared for the first nice spring day by knowing which shoes, boots or clogs you will slip on to greet the new year of gardening. Ranger Ladybugs Purple Dragonfly Garden Clogs

  Some folks may say they prefer an old pair of sneakers, flip flops or just plain old barefoot. 

That’s fine, but wearing a pair of gardening shoes will extend your gardening time and pleasure so more can be accomplished and enjoyed. 

 I’d dare say that most people that experience a good pair of footwear in the garden will be hard pressed to venture out there again in bare feet.  Not to mention the pedicure problems that can be avoided as well as health and safety issues for your feet. 

Warm feet that are dry and safe make it easier to stay out there long enough to accomplish the task at hand.  So whether you prefer clogs, boots or shoes, there are so many to choose from at Garden Shoes Online.

Do your feet and back a favor !  

May all your weeds be wildflowers.  ~ Author Unknown

These are just a sample of all of the products which cost under 30 dollars from Garden Shoes Online, some much less than that.

Great Christmas gifts, and orders over $49 get free shipping too.

There is still time left to order in time for Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Garden Shoes Online!


We had my cyber friends for lunch at Garden Shoes Online today. 


Carol and Pete (owners of Garden Shoes Online) graciously hosted a lunch for my blogging pals so they could come and see our business in action.

Kathy Purdy, Jenn Fowler, Donalyn Ketchum, Nicki Conroy and myself ~ It all started about a year ago when Kathy, of Cold Climate Gardening contacted me and after several email conversations, invited me to join her and two other local bloggers (Jenn and Donalyn) for lunch.  Soon after, Kathy also included Nicki whom she met at jury duty.  So our little group began and we try to meet monthly for lunch. 

 I can easily say they have been mentors for me as I attempt to navigate this social media world. We have a lot of fun every time as we learn from each other and laugh with each other about the ins and outs of blogging, facebook, twitter and life in general. 

  So the day was snowy, the company wonderful, the lunch delicious(thanks Carol and Pete and Debbie too~ it looked wonderful) and they all got to meet Gracie my little side~kick who was a very good granddaughter and slept through most of the hours of fun.

~If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself alone.  A man should keep his friendships in constant repair.  ~Samuel Johnson


Looking for some great ideas that will really wow the gardener  on your list?  Garden Shoes Online has a lot of great products that will bring a smile to their face and a put a skip in their step.

Visit Garden Shoes Online and you will find many great ideas in every price range.  We offer free shipping on any order over $49 and all orders less than $49 will be charged a flat rate of $4.95 shipping.

Perfect Fit Guarantee – Size Exchange
If the size you ordered doesn’t fit the way you want, you can send it back for a size exchange for free!

I have put together some combination suggestions for you that any gardener would love to receive.

How about a pair of Lady bug Clogs

 and Lady bug socks? 

They make a fun combination for sure.

How about a  Sloggers Hat that is spf 50+ and repels insects? 

Or the Sloggers Insect Shield Sport Cap

.  I know I love both of those.  Pair one of them  with a Sloggers insect Shield Bandana and you have made any gardener happy.  Bugs can make you crazy.  These really help keep them away so you can enjoy being outside among the little pests.

What about a pair of Womanswork High Performance Gloves  matched up with a Radius Garden Hand tool? 

 The two together make gardening easy on the hands. 

How about a pair of Rose Gauntlet Gloves and a pair of Felco Pruners? 

 Yes, we have them both and I can personally say they are great together.  Trimming rosebushes or even a Christmas tree is so much more enjoyable with the right tools. 

 The original hose nozzle is an awesome gift for anyone, not just gardeners.

 Team it up with a pair of Ranger Dragon fly clogs or a pair of sloggers women’s print garden shoes  and any homeowner can be dry, comfortable and cute while they water their flowers.

   Who wouldn’t love that? 

For someone that can’t bend down to their knees easily, why not check out the garden kneeler. 

Easy on the knees or flip it over for a convenient seat.  a pair of Bionic Gardening Gloves, they help prevent hand fatigue with their anatomical relief pads.

  These two together will make achy joints less of a hindrance so gardening can be enjoyed again. 

Want a gift that will really make her happy? 

 A pair of Rain bops rain boots and a radius pro tool would knock her socks off. 

Speaking of which any pair of our socks will go well with boots or shoes.

There are also many stocking stuffer gifts too.

These are just a few suggestions that would make great gifts together.  Take a look around the site, you won’t have trouble finding gifts you like, it’s choosing that will be difficult!


For more ideas, discounts and give aways, visit #gardenchat on Twitter Monday, December 6th at 9 PM.  It will be great fun! For more info visit BGgarden

 Here is the dresser I restored for our new grandaughter that’s was born in July. web-df-012

 I sanded off the old finish, cleaned up the pulls and lock covers, then refinished the whole thing. lined

 I contact papered the drawers, and voila!


Here it is before….before

Here it is after.


We delivered it to my son and his wife who were just thrilled. web-df-035

My husband and son carried it straight up to her room.delivering the dresser 

  Not bad for a $30 find.


~A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. ~Anonymous


  <br><br><br><b>Join us every Friday...</b>           


Already thinking ahead to next gardening season? 

 It’s time to plant your bulbs into your garden before the ground freezes up. 

 The Roto Planter is a great way to get your bulbs planted quickly and with a lot less work. 

Just attach it to your drill and dig your holes.

Simple as that. 

Your back and knees will thank you.


 This is the chair I got at the Madison Bouckville Antique show back in August.   I had never seen one like it and when my husband and I laid eyes on it, we both sort of looked at each other and we knew right then what the other was thinking.

 The price was only $50 and we ended up paying $40.  Not a bad deal for a vintage piece that matches my metal garden chairs so well, especially since I have been searching for the chaise lounge of my dreams forEVER. 


I painted the worn handles, touched up the wheel paint and spray painted the rest a fresh coat of white to protect it from the weather. 

It took  me until now to finally get around to making the cushion.  That was the expensive part of the whole thing. Foam is not cheap and good outdoor fabric either,but now that it’s finished I couldn’t be happier.

I think my dog thinks it’s a new bed for him….

 move over thunder, it’s mine!

 Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.  ~Danny Kaye

Between Naps on the Porch                                                    

                   Jackson 005

  If you want to wear something that is a bit more durable on mucky ground than a shoe, especially when the terrain is deeper dirt or mud, the Muck Scrub Boot from Garden Shoes Online should be your first consderation.

 This is a boot designed for messy chores and working outdoors. Hosing them off cleans them in a snap.  They are waterproof, comfortable and also comes in fun colors as well as the traditional green.  It has a stretch-fit binding at the top that snugs your calf to keeps warmth in and the breathable Airmesh lining keeps your foot dry(from perspiration).

The multi ribbed tread gives you good traction and the seamless, easy to clean rubber overlay makes it waterproof.  Even the top flex foam bootie is waterproof as well as snag resistant.  It has a kick rim for hands free removal and natural rubber reinforcement in the toe, heel, achilles, and shank areas.  If you want a boot that goes on and off easily and keeps your feet dry and comfortable, the Muck Scrub Boot is a great choice.

  The Ultimate Hoze Nozzle is named appropriately. hisc10alb-2t

 I have used it for more than a year now and have yet to have one problem with it.  Even with repeated dropping, dragging and even stepping on it, it has stood the test of time. 

 When dropped, it sort of bounces.  No worries about breaking it ~and if you do figure out how to break it, there is a life time warranty from the manufacturer.  Yes I said lifetime.  You send it back and they send you a new one.


  Now that’s something you don’t find often and I can see why they offer it ~they are confident that you won’t have any problems.  It is good looking and comes in several colors including blue, green and red.  It turns on and off to the left and to the right which I find to be a great asset~ you don’t give yourself a shower trying to turn it in the correct direction for on and off, like most hose sprayers. 

 It doesn’t hurt your hand to use for an extended period of watering because there is no holding in a trigger.  Just twist it on and water away.  The high power is great for washing the car, the driveway, etc… and the lighter settings are gentle enough to water delicate flowers or give your dog a bath, whatever you need to do. Even if you have low water pressure at your house, it still is able to provide a powerful spray to get the job done. 

It is constructed of stainless steel, brass, reinforced fiberglass and santoprene rubber. It is definitely built to last.  Click on any of the photos here or you can visit Garden Shoes Online for more information.  It is the best hose nozzle I have ever come across.  Every home should have one. hosepatterns

 They make great gifts too!