Green Thumb Sunday is here!  Another chance to take pictures of my bloomers.  Did I say that?  Honestly no underwear will be photographedbutterfly-bush today.  Here are my flower bloommarigolds!


flowers    I Like this quote I dislike this quote




Yes, that is holly and no, it is not Christmas timeholly

Today is Friday and that makes it the day to take stock of what’s going on in our gardens, thanks to Tootsie and her Fertilizer Fridays. 


My garden is much the same with a few exceptions from last week.  The weather has improved so we can at least be out there to enjoy the show. 

veggie-garden Our vegetables are really coming along.  There are many blossoms on the tomatoes, squash and peppers as well as the cucumbers.   We have eaten some of the hot peppers, or should I say my husband has eaten some of them.  I am not big on hot food, but he makes up for me.  He loves the hot stuff.





My front yard has been a bit slow but it is starting to burst.  As you can see, I like alot of colors and flowers all mixed up out there.ram








I like vintage ceramic animals.  I especially love when I can find ones that are flower pots.swan






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climatis-at-dusksnapdragons~It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.
 ~ Lewis Grizzard

wgloveI have been using Bionic Gardening Classic Gloves since the beginning of spring.  They are comfy and have sensitivity that rubber gloves just can’t give.  My fingers don’t feel clumsy when I wear them and I can pick up even tiny things easily.  Unlike other leather or cloth gloves, the seams have never caused blisters or even soreness.  I have to say I am impressed with their suppleness and recovery after getting muddy or wet. They are  a must have if your hands get tired and sore while gardening and there isn’t the sweating issue you get with many gardening gloves. The wrist closure supports your wrist and keeps the dirt out as well.   The thing that really surprised me is that they are washable.  I never would have thought that possible of leather gloves,wgloves but it’s true.  They came out of the washer looking a lot closer to new than when they went in, and they didn’t shrink.  After a few bends of the hand, they were comfy again without stiffness and they looked good. They feel more like golf or batting gloves instead of gardening gloves.  I  definitely recommend them to any of you who like to get your hands dirty~without getting your hands dirty.

   There are  different colors too, check them out along with other styles of Bionic Garden Gloves at or just click on one of the pictures. wwgw-colors












Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made

by singing: — “Oh, how beautiful!” and sitting in the shade. ~Rudyard Kipling


I have just solved a mystery. I had 3 plants grouped together that were here when we moved in. When they emerged in the spring time I thought they were weeds so I cut them down.  Last year they grew back, again I cut them down.  This year when they sprouted, I decided their determination deserved a chance so I put them in an inconspicuous spot to see how they grew and what kind of flower if any, they web-fl-028had.  Yesterday I was weeding, and when I moved the large leaves to see under them, there was a really funky flower uncurling.  It looks like a calla lily except it is  black (maybe dark purple) with light yellowish green stripes that originate in the center and fan out. It almost resembles a cobra.  I had to hold it open to show the inside because it wants to stay curled like in the picture.  They grow from a tuber, the stalks are purple, the leaves are grouped in threes and the plant is about two feefunky-flower-webt tall although the stem for the flower is only about 4 inches long.  It is not the most colorful flower, but it is unique, very unusual and beautiful in it’s own way.  Well, after searching the Internet I was able to discover that it is an Arisaema Triphyllum, better known as Jack in the Pulpit. I had never seen this type of flower.  As far as I can tell it is a triphyllum, there are many varieties but this seems to resemble that one the most.  Though it  prefers partial shade and shade, it can tolerate sun as well, so it fits anywhere. web-fl-032It gets a bright red group of berries at the end of summer. I think it is a very tropical looking plant.  I now respect it’s strange beauty and perseverence. web-fl-035  





 Who said you couldn’t teach old gardeners a new trick?







        How strange that Nature does not knock,

      and yet does not intrude!  ~Emily Dickinson


green thumb Sunday

Here are my Green Thumb Sunday Blooms~



























Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
 and the soil and sky as canvas ~ Elizabeth Murray




Here’s a look at what’s blooming in my May garden






















“Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower”  ~ Anonymous

cobrahead I have a new favorite tool. I use it for just about every chore in the garden. It lifts weeds, digs holes, pulls out rocks, creates rows, edges, lifts, transplants, pulls up chunks of grass and on and on. The end is sharp on both sides so it slices roots as you dig. That also makes it great for both right and left handed gardeners. The blade is self sharpening so you don’t have to worry about it getting dull. I also like it in my rock garden hill. It can dig through the rough dirt with ease. I just love it. I used it to put in all of my plants this year. CobraHead has made life a whole lot easier. I don’t know how I gardened without it.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up

until your back gets used to it. ~Author               


bwWe have had a very dry spring here but the last couple of days have been dreary and rainy.  We had an entire day with a long soaking rain.  I could practically hear my plants sighing in relief.  It perked up everything in the yard.  I had spent the day before putting in perennials that my friend and I had scavenged from friends and each other.  They had looked pretty haggard from the upset of being moved but now they are springing back. The dandelions are also popping out in my lawn faster than we can mow them.  At least they are a pretty color. 







Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste.  ~William Shakespeare


columbine3I am glad that we finally put our plants into the vegetable garden.  My husband and I did that last evening.  It’s not a huge garden, but it is big enough to keep us, and our extended family in tomatoes and zucchini all summer long.   Of course we now have many hot pepper plants.  He got a bit carried away choosing.  I guess I will have to find some good salsa recipes.  It is really nice that my husband has taken an interest in gardening.  His enthusiasm is contagious and it’s really great having so much help.

We put a soaker hose all through the vegetable garden today.  This is our first experience with a soaker hose so I will see how it goes.  It is supposed to save a lot of water and I am all for that.  It was definitely better with two of us managing the hose and the digging.  I used my Cobra Head Tool.  That really made it easier to lay it under the soil. I just love that thing.  I use it for everything.    

I have spent pretty much all my spare time out in the garden the last four days.  My knees hurt as well as most every other joint in my body. But… the flowers look good and the veggies are planted. All is right with the world.

I have had a lot of fun putting in the enormous amount of plants I bought last weekend.  I am almost ready to sit back and watch the show.  That is until tomorrow when I go outside and think of 10 new things that need to be done out there.









Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~ Lao Tzu    



This is my entry for the  Picture This Photo Contest  offered by Gardening Gone Wildweb-g

Living in upstate New York doesn’t make it easy to have container gardens  in May.  We had a hard frost just two nights ago.  I put my plants in the next day though because the weather is supposed to be nice for the next week.  I like to live dangerously!  It’s Memorial Day this weekend, it should be safe by now.  Thanks for the opportunity to participate.  Plants and pictures are two of my favorite things.  Happy Spring!  

Flowers in the yellow pot are geraniums, coleus, dianthus, lobelia, red mandevilla vine








Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson