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We returned from our week long vacation and to my surprise, most of my plants looked pretty good. There was enough rain that most everything did well in my absence.  

 My tomatoes are turning red and they are so delicious.  We had blt’s for dinner last night.  Yum.  That is the taste of summertime. 

  Which reminds me that the end of the summer is coming right along.

 I plan on enjoying the autumn and the end of the gardening season as long as possible.

But before we know it we will be readying for winter time. 

But not just yet.

 There’s still plenty of summertime veggies to eat before then.



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  The company garden is doing very well.




Ginger picked our first cucumber today as well as the first cherry tomato.





  Delicious just as we had hoped. Everyone has been able to help themselves to salad for lunches and now there will be cucumbers and cherry tomatoes to add to the greens.

 None of us can wait for the tomatoes and zucchinis to be ready. 

 The whole experience has been positive as well as really fun.

~”The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.” ~Hanna Rion


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 is doing well. 

 We have had a lot of humidity and rain so the plants are happy.

  It was time to put up the tomato supports today since the tomatoes are beginning to grow.


 I noticed a couple of tiny cucumbers showed their pretty faces too.



 The giant pumpkins are growing nicely as are the zuchini and yellow squash.

 The best part today was when Ginger was able to pick some lettuce for lunch. 

There is nothing like picking veggies knowing you grew them, and enjoying their fresh, delicous flavor. 

 Double satisfaction!



~”Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. “~ Unknown





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  My plants took a bit of a beating from hail last week but otherwise things are shaping up.

It seems like all my flowers have  bloomed at once.

 It’s such a welcome sight.  But….

they are saying frost warnings for tonight. 

Wow.  Isn’t it June? 

 Hard to believe it was in the nineties last week and now they say there  may be frost tonight. 

I am hoping they are wrong.  We will see what happens. 


 ~”Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”~Anthony J. D’AngeloCopy_of_001




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 The weather is finally giving us a bit of a break with only occasional below freezing nights. 

We have had so much rain that it’s hard to be outside enjoying what is starting to bloom. I did manage to get out there and click a few photographs the other day. 

 There are signs of life everywhere.  We even had to mow our lawn for the first time.  Now there is a real sign of spring. 

In the next couple of weeks everything will be alive with color,

but right now these little glimpses of what is to come realllllly make me happy. 

I made compost tea with Haven Brand Horse Tea.  My seedlings are loving it. 

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The Gearcor Company Garden is still in the planning stages since the weather will not cooperate at all.  We have gone from really cold weather to very warm with so much rain you couldn’t think of building raised beds out there just yet. But soon we will.

 So we continue to dream of the day when our seedlings will be able to be planted outdoors. In the meantime, we have transplanted some and they all continue to grow. 

And we wait…..

On a very positive note. 

our mystery seeds are germinating at last.


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Read more about our company garden



   All of us at Gearcor are enjoying watching the progress of the seeds we have planted, especially Mike who is proudly showing us the flourishing seedlings.   

 He has taken great care to make sure they are watered and happy ~ he sings to them when no one is around.   (Oops sorry Mike, you didn’t want me to mention that did you?) ;)   


It was difficult for Mike and Pete when I thinned out the seedlings with a pair of scissors so as not to disturb their roots.   

  We repotted the ones that were big enough to move up a pot and composted the ones that didn’t make the cut.  (Sorry guys!)  


 The weather is still very unpredictable here in upstate NY.  It was 65 yesterday and spitting snow today so we can’t even think about putting our plants out there yet.   



Everyone is trying to be involved, even the dogs.    

Blondie and Sophie took off with one of the fiber pots and chased each other until it ended up in a shredded pile on the floor.  

Now the seedlings  are tucked carefully into their inside greenhouse, left to continue their growth while we wait patiently for the weather to allow us to plant them outside.  




Hopefully soon!  

 We have also planted some seeds that we are very excited about.  

Check back as they grow to see what the interesting mystery plants are. 


~’There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.”  ~Mirabel Osler 


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 Here at Gearcor we have a great group of folks and we are all interested in putting in a garden that all of us can reap the benefits of.  Click here to see the beginning post about our company garden.

It is coming along nicely. Our little seedlings are growing like weeds.  

I think the plastic that Pete put around them with a bit of heat blowing in has really made them grow well. 

Our very own Michael has taken it upon himself to see that they are watered and well taken care of. 








We have discovered a  gardener’s soul in Mike

 All this planting has inspired him to learn more about it and be sure these little guys flourish. 

 I love it when someone who is young gets the gardening bug. 


Between Mike and Pete the plants are well taken care of. 


Hopefully our weather will become more dependable soon so we can get these sprouts growing outside.

 All of us are impatiently waiting to get our hands dirty!

Check back to see our progress!



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The seeds are here,


the trays are prepared with the seed starting soil, 

  the shelves are built,

and our company garden is officially started.


 Pete and Carol (owners of Gearcor) built our light shelves on Sunday so when we  gathered on Tuesday to plant the seeds they would have a great spot to grow. 

  A bit tentative at first,

 everyone warmed right up to the task at hand. 


It was fun to feel our enthusiasm grow as we all planted the seeds for our garden as well as for a fun summer project.  

 Even Blondie and Sophie were interested although I am sure it was more about the scents in the air than the actual planting going on.  


As is usually the case when gardening, we of course planted more trays than we had lights for,

 but Pete will add a couple more lights and all the trays will be basking in their artificial sunshine in no time. 

And although it is still cold and dreary outside, we are all excited to see and enjoy the fruits of our labor as the summer progresses. 

Check back to see us grow! We will let you know what makes the whole process work as we try products along the way.

Products Used to Plant:

Harris Seeds

Johnny’s Seeds

Haven Brand Manure Tea

Solo Spritzer Sprayer


This was the view outside my window this morning

 and although Spring arrived on Sunday, Winter returned yesterday with about 7 inches of snow. 

 So I have a lot of the white stuff~ but while out there snapping a few pics 

~I discovered that to spite the weather,

Spring perseveres and my first crocuses are actually peaking out. 

 Yay!  So take that Old Man Winter. 

 ~“Keep your faith in all beautiful things; in the sun when it is hidden, in the spring when it is gone.”
~ Roy R. Gilson




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