Here is the dresser I restored for our new grandaughter that’s was born in July. web-df-012

 I sanded off the old finish, cleaned up the pulls and lock covers, then refinished the whole thing. lined

 I contact papered the drawers, and voila!


Here it is before….before

Here it is after.


We delivered it to my son and his wife who were just thrilled. web-df-035

My husband and son carried it straight up to her room.delivering the dresser 

  Not bad for a $30 find.


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picnic basketIf you saw my post two weeks ago about picnic baskets, I promised to show the progress of the dresser I bought that day at a garage sale.  web-jkl-177

It was in rough condition but I hoped it was a diamond in the rough. web-jkl-178

 I paid only $15 for it.  web-6w-014

 After a lot of sanding and a lot of elbow grease, and $32 worth of knew knobs, it is looking good. web-6w-015

My husband has reinforced it in many places.  She was a bit on the wobbly side.  He still needs to add one more fix to the bottom drawer. It had broken when I dropped it out of the back of my car when I brought it home. web-6w-017

Thank goodness for that very handy hubby of mine. web-6w-013

 Now we have a beautiful dresser to put in our grandaughter’s room.  We already refinished another dresser and now this one. 

She has more dresser space than I do and she is not even born yet.  Go figure.

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web-sunday-054My son and daughter in law found this dresser at an estate sale for $30.  They were thrilled with themselves because they had never bought old furniture on their own that needed refinishing.   They are expecting our first grandchild this summer and wanted an antique dresser to match the crib they have.  This needed some TLC but it had good bones.  A refinishing adventure….. I am just the girl for the job. 

 So here you see what it looked like with the pulls all removed and the top sanded. web-sunday-055

 These are the pulls.  Yuck!  I like the hand pull part but the ornate brassy thing behind it had to go.  All I need to do is strip the handles and they will be as good as new.  I chose to sand the dresser since it was so orangy, I wanted to get down to the oak without any traces of that color.  Sand I did ~and now it matches their oak crib.  web-h-051

I still need to put on the pulls and get covers for the lock holes.  That will be another days work. ..


…I’m tired.


~I collect antiques. Why? Because they’re beautiful. ~Broderick Crawford

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