Since it is January, I thought I would reminisce a bit about one of my favorite flowers.  Dahlias.

They never disappoint.

 Dahlias come in all sizes and colors. 


 They aren’t hardy, so their tubers must be dug up before the first frost to be replanted the following year.

But they are so worth the trouble. 

They are one plant that I put in every year because they are so dependable and rewarding.  

~”When words escape, flowers speak.”

-   Bruce W. Currie

 Dahlias are great flowers.

 They come in all sizes and colors. 

They grow from tubers you plant in spring after all chances of frost is over. 

 Dahlias require soil with good drainage and  they do well in partial to full sun. 

Dahlias are not hardy, so they must be dug up before the first frost.  They can be stored and replanted the following year.

They are one plant that I add every year to my own garden because they are so dependable and rewarding. 


~”When words escape, flowers speak.”
-   Bruce W. Currie

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  Dahlias are great flowers that give such pleasure with their different colors and constant blooms. dahlias

They are tubers that  bloom in the summer  and grow well in full sun.  They are  hardy in zones 7 – 11.  If you live where it gets very cold, you have to dig themdahlia up after the first killing frost and store them in a cool dry place.

  The only complaint I have about them are that slugs love them as much as I do and they tend to feast on them regularly. Watch out for those little devils.  dahlia

If you pick your dahlias, pick them early in the day and place them in water that has sat overnight to get rid of the chlorine.  This should make them last about 5 or 6 days so you can enjoy them indoors as well as out in your garden. 


 ~  “February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back
any air of summer.”
-   Shirley Jackson 




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