In an earlier post, I submitted 3 photos in the Gardening Gone Wild  Picture This Photo Contest. The subject was roses.  I am honored to say that one of my pictures was chosen for first place. 

Many really great photos of roses were submitted.  Southern CA garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin had the tough job of  judging the contest.  This is a copy of their post announcing the winner:

Picture This Photo Contest Winner

June 27th, 2009 by Debra Lee Baldwin · 17 Comments


 A big thank you to all who entered and an ovation for your rose photos. Many of our 31 entrants submitted the full allotment of three photos, so I had close to 100 to judge—a daunting yet delightful task.

Our winner Tes seduced me with her tight shot of ‘Hot Cocoa’. I like the way the way sunlight shines through the water drops. Exquisite lighting also emphasizes the translucence of the petals and their felty texture. The lines draw the viewer into the center of the flower, and by illustrating the bloom’s intrinsic geometry, interpret the concept of “rose” in a fresh new way.  Tes, take a bow!