The garland I have used for many years finally fell apart so I had to get a new one this year.  Every one I looked at was ugly, overpriced or both so I decided to make my own.

 It was so easy to make.

  I just picked out a basic evergreen garland in enough length to wrap around my front door and side lights. 

 I also chose a couple of garlands that brighten up the holidays to mix in (in the same length as my evergreen ones). 

I then twisted them together with some light strands and now I have a beautiful garland to light up my front entry.

  Hopefully it will last as long as the previous one.

~”It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.”  ~W.T. Ellis


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Hoping you are all ready to have a great New Years Eve!  Just enjoying the last bits of Christmas looking at my Pointsettias so I thought I would share them. 

  Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles.  ~Author Unknown

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web-j-029I have the outdoors decorated and ready .            web-j-039

 and because we love the scent and feel of a real Christmas tree, we are going to go and cut one down tomorrow, put it up and decorate it too!   This year is special because we get to take my new little granddaughter along. I only wish it would snow tonight to make it perfect. 

tree   We have all been given advice on the many ways to take care of  Christmas trees, so if you are like me  you will probably be surprised how many of those rules aren’t necessary, so here’s a quick list of things to do when you’re picking out and bringing your tree home.

Before buying the tree, give it a shake or grab a branch of needles and slide your hand towards yourself.  Brown needles are ok to drop, but if green needles are dropping, then the tree isn’t very fresh.

 If it has been more than 6 hours since cutting it down, or if you bought a pre-cut tree, you will need to cut one inch off the bottom of the trunk because it heals over and won’t take water.

Make the cut straight across the trunk.  Don’t cut the tree at an angle or a V shape, or whittle away the edges to fit into your stand because the outside edges draw up the water most efficiently.

If you are planning on waiting before putting it in it’s stand, put it in a bucket of  water and keep it somewhere cool until you are ready to bring it in the house.

Place the tree in a stand with adequate water capacity.  Be careful because some stands allow there to be water in the stand without the tree being submerged and the bottom of the trunk needs to always be in water to prevent healing over.

Only give the tree plain water.  There is no need for aspirin or any of the other concoctions we have been told about.  Plain water works best.  Water temperature doesn’t matter either.

Don’t put it near any kind of heat source when picking your location.

Use miniature lights that produce less heat, this helps prevent your tree from drying out.

Your tree should last 4 to 5 weeks if you keep it watered and don’t let the water level go below the grapevine/holly wreath

Remember ~ real trees are a renewable, recyclable resource.  They are farmed like a crop so no need for guilt when deciding on a real tree.web-tree-036 


  1. For more info about real Christmas trees, visit The national Christmas Tree Associaiton at

  2. You can locate a tree recycling program by logging onto

  3. To learn many myths about real Christmas trees visit


frasier fir


~It is difficult to realize how great a part of all that is cheerful and delightful in the recollections of our own life is associated with trees.  ~Wilson Flagg


our wonderful dog who is an English Setter.  He is showing his holiday spirit in front of our RED front door with it’s RED wreath.

 ~”Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”  ~Roger Caras            

Check out this photo on Front Porch Ideas and More… Thunder is famous now.  :D ABC WEDNESDAY ROUND 7OutdoorWednesdaybutton5433333333

I made this wreath several years ago from vintage ornaments I have collected through the years. Most of them were saved from family, some from garage sales and ebay.  They are what I always decorate my tree with, but I had so many I decided to make some of the extras into a wreath so I would be enjoying all of them.  When I bring this out of the attic, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 



 ~”Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” ~ Peg Bracken.


snowman, celluloid? Here are a few more of my vintage Christmas thingies. chipmunk shakers




As you can see, most of my stuff is very whimsical and fun. I am not the serious type when it comes to my decorations.  I like life light hearted so I keep things around that make me smile.  vintage shakers, santa

My kids (grown up) think they are “terrifying”.

 That just makes me find more.bottle brush trees circa 1950's


 “It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.”~WT Ellis




I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and holiday season. 


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My two neices and I baked tons of cookies for Christmas.  web-img_0739

We even made dog bones for the family pooches.  We had tons of fun and a huge mess! web-cookies-074

 Cleaning up the random sprinkles is part of the tradition.  web-cookies-082

This is quality time I get  with them that I always look forward to every year.  Even though they are growing up or should I say grown up, they still love making and decorating Christmas cookies.web-img_0742

 Who doesn’t?




 May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,
The gladness of Christmas give you hope,
The warmth of Christmas grant you love.
~Author Unknown




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 daydreamer for …OutdoorWednesdaylogo54544

amarylis-Amaryllis are the easiest of flowering bulbs to bloom.  It’s botanical name is Hippastrume and it is now a popular Christmas time flower that originated in South American tropical regions.  They are not winter hardy bulbs but they are fun to force in the wintertime to have holiday blooms.  They always seem like a Christmas flower to me.  It’s the red ones that I love.  web-kk-0371

 At Christmas play and make good cheer,
For Christmas comes but once a year
~Thomas Tusser


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gazebo at lakes edge

My husband and I try to find a quaint place every Christmas to spend a day, have lunch, shop and just enjoy the season. This time we chose Skaneateles. gazebo and church

 It’s a quaint town filled with fun shops and scenic backgrounds.  skaneateles lake

The day was  sunny and bright but oh so cold!Icy Branches. brrrrrr

The lake is  beautiful as are the homes and the scenery. 


 We had lunch in the Sherwood Inn which overlooks the lake.  Sherwood Inn

JustHawksey view of Skeneateles Lake a fun filled Christmassy day. 

barnWandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.  ~Anatole France


Scenic Sunday

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I found this santa at a garage sale several years ago.  It stands about 4 feet tall and is made out of wood. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it.   And it was only 4 dollars.  What a buy!  It always feels like Christmas when we bring Santa out.  I just love him.  web-sg-006 

   This wreath is made with vintage ornaments that I have collected over the years.  It’s a miracle I haven’t broken it yet and it even survived moving to our new house…I probably just jinxed myself. 

I hope all of you have a merry Christmas! 


Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live.  ~Dennis Miller


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