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 Bogs Mattie Dahlia 


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One of the perks of my job is getting to review our products and let you know what I think after using them in my own garden. Here are my garden shoes from Garden Shoes Online- what I like and dislike about them. I hope it helps if you are trying to decide what kind of shoes to buy for gardening or just kicking around. You can click on any of the photos and it will take you to the Garden Shoes Online listing for technical information about the shoes.

Muck Daily Garden Shoe

The shoe I wear the most while gardening is the Muck Daily Garden Shoe. They are comfy and waterproof. They don’t make my feet hot as you would imagine a waterproof shoe would. I really like the way the top is a bit tighter and stretchy – It keeps the dirt out and makes them very comfortable. They also kick off and slip on very easily which makes it easy to run in the house if need be without tracking in the dirt.web-today-030 These hose off quickly as well which makes cleaning up a snap. They come in men’s and women’s sizes.

Muck Daily Clogs

 These are a great slip on for the garden or to run out on an errand. I don’t like them for regular everyday gardening as much as the shoes because I don’t like dirt getting on my feet. If I am just putting around the yard they work because they are waterproof. I just don’t like to do serious “get in the dirt” gardening in these. These also come in mens and women’s sizes.


Sloggers Women’s Garden shoes


 These I wear around town more than in my garden. They are like wearing a rain boot, but they are a shoe. They are comfortable to walk in and most of all they are waterproof as well as adorable. I get so many compliments when I wear them. In the garden they are fine, but I am spoiled by the snug ankles on my other garden shoes.




Bogs Women’s Matties web-kjkj-069

I also have a pair of Bogs Women’s Mattie  gardening shoes. I will admit that I was first attracted to their wonderful colors and patterns but these fit well and cover the ankle with a stretchy cuff that keeps debri and dirt out. They feel like a sneaker but they are almost a boot without being clunky like a boot can often be. 5217xmf-whi-t1 These are my choice when it’s deep dirt or mud I will be standing in. They aren’t as easy as the Muck daily garden shoe to slip on and off which is a downfall for me but if the dirt is deep I choose this shoe anyway. 5217xmf-cho-t





Garden Grips clogs

Women's GardenGrips Clogs

Again, I am not fond of clogs in the garden but these clogs have a higher sole that keeps you out of the dirt. I wear these if I know I am going in the wet grass. They have great traction.Garden Grips

Another perk is the steel shank in the arch for shoveling so you don’t hurt your foot. I really like that in a gardening shoe and it’s the only one I own that has it. Women's GardenGrips ClogsDon’t think this means they aren’t flexible, they are.

Women's GardenGrips Clogs These are so rugged and comfortable, I ended up using them as an everyday shoe in the fall, winter and spring. I can stand all day in them ,they support my high arches. I actually use these more as an every day shoe than a gardening shoe.If I didn’t own garden grip clogsthe Muck Daily Garden Shoes I would wear these shoes





Slogger’s Uni Garden Sandals/Clogssl301-2t

 These are great everyday shoes. These are really a lot like clogs with a wide strap that keeps your foot in and makes it easier to walk. I wear them all the time. They have a removable insole which makes them so much more comfortable than most of the sandals like these. They are terrific for a hot day in the garden or when you know you will be using your hose. They rinse right off and are very comfortable. These are easy to slip o, so I often do, I water and dead head as well as give the dog a bath or wash the car in these. I don’t use them for dirt gardening. Again, dirt and toes aren’t my fave.You can also get these for men and women.

I hope this helps if you are looking for shoes to wear in the garden or just comfortable shoes that can also be worn everyday. If you are like me, it’s nice to have shoes that are ready when you wander into your yard for that unplanned inspection of what is growing or not. Again, you can click on the images to be taken to the Garden Shoes Online website for more info about each shoe and while you are there take a look around, check out the many products there that make gardening even more of a pleasure.


 Let’s overlook for a minute how cute these shoes are and talk about them being waterproof. There will be no wet toes when I am wearing these. web-kjkj-076

 I especially like the snug high ankle that will keep dirt and rocks out ofweb-kjkj-069 my shoes when I garden.

 There are a couple of different patterns and there are also pull on boots. They fit comfortably and slip off easily when you need to run indoors and your feet are muddy. 5217xmf-cho

 All and all a great shoe or boot and the colors are a real mood lifter.   Makes me feel like going out there and playing in the dirt, if only it wasn’t frozen and covered in snow. 5216xcm-2t

 Sooner or later nice weather will arrive and if you are looking for me, I will be out in the garden in my new Bog’s.


These Bog are 100% Waterproof and have natural hand-lasted rubber and a four way stretch outer shell.  They have non-slip, non-marking and self-cleaning outsoles and Aegis anti-microbial odor protection insole.  They are comfort rated from temperate to -40°F or sub-zero conditions.  Click on any of the photos to visit Garden Shoes Online and find out more about these shoes and boots.