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It’s finally time to retire the old adirondack chairs.


I have had them almost 3 years now and when I found them on the curb discarded with the trash I didn’t think I could get one year out of them.  They were so delapidated, but thank goodness my husband has the same vision as I do when it comes to vintage stuff.  He was able to patch, replace and repair until he wouldn’t or should I say couldn’t do it any longer.  In his words “the paint is all that’s holding them together”. The chairs had seen their day and I had to accept the reality.

adirondack chairs, sedum

So when he took the rotting, broken chair to the curb, I held on with all my strength to the other one, while protesting loudly that he should find a way to replace the rotten pieces of the one in his hands as it crumbled to the touch where it had broken.  The other chair I carried safely to a corner that doesn’t get too much use.  It looks good, and after all isn’t that all that really matters?

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New ones can’t compare to the classic lake charm look of the old ones. They just don’t make them like they used to. But alas I had to begin looking for new ones because my yard just doesn’t look as good without them and it’s our favorite place to sit when we exchange the events of the day in the evening.  

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By chance, Home Depot had just two left of their inexpensive Adirondack chairs.  We snatched them because they were A. inexpensive (like $38 each) and B because it will take time to find some really cool ones that were built long ago and are still keeping together or at least replicas that look that way, so I need some to fill the gap until then.

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After several coats of shiny red paint they didn’t look half bad.  Of course, they aren’t as comfy or nearly as sturdy as my old ones(in their prime) but they would have to do.

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We need a place to relax and enjoy the show which is our life.






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     ~”A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself. ” ~May Sarton

web-rock-030These are the two adirondack chairs my friend and I rescued from the curb.  


 My husband made a new arm for one and I repaired the backs of both of them.  web-s-001

We also had to reinforce one of the legs.  Then I  primed and painted them glossy red. web-s-003

 They still had some years left in them.

I am glad they will be spending that time giving us another great place to sit and enjoy my garden.    

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This is the child’s adirondack set I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago for fifteen dollars. It was very well made but in terrible need of a little tlc.  I was more than happy to spend a little time to make this pair of chairs and table shine. 

  A lot of sanding, tightening some screws and several coats of red paint and it’s now a gift that I surprised  my Daughter-in-law at her baby shower  with.  This little shower guest enjoyed using it while she ate her cupcake.

I set it with a glass tea set that I have saved since I was very little.  She was thrilled to get it although it will have to be saved for a few years until our new grandaughter gets big enough to use it. 

I am sure that will happen much sooner than we think. 

 ~Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.  ~Author Unknown
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 This is the follow up to my last Thursday’s Vintage Thingies.   I wanted to show how these two adirondack chairs came out since I hadn’t finished them at the time of that post. web-rock-030


 They were curb finds that I repaired with help from my husband.  He made a new arm for the one and I repaired the backs of both of them.  We also had a rotten leg that we reinforced with new wood and I  primed and painted them red. web-s-001

 They may not last forever, but for now they are looking good perched in the back of my yard with a view of the gardens.

web-s-003   Can you believe someone threw them away?


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 The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.  But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.  ~Sarah Ban Breathnach