Here is the dresser I restored for our new grandaughter that’s was born in July. web-df-012

 I sanded off the old finish, cleaned up the pulls and lock covers, then refinished the whole thing. lined

 I contact papered the drawers, and voila!


Here it is before….before

Here it is after.


We delivered it to my son and his wife who were just thrilled. web-df-035

My husband and son carried it straight up to her room.delivering the dresser 

  Not bad for a $30 find.


~A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. ~Anonymous


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 I have a thing for metal chairs. I think they are so practical~  able to be left out in the weather, they give an air of times gone by, and they look good red. 

What else could you ask for?  

Two weeks ago I showed some metal chairs on VTT that we had found on the curb.  Three at one place, three at another.  The metal chair jackpot you could say. 

It looks like four of them are salvagable. The other two may be safety hazzards so we will have to see if they are worth the work or not. 

 My husband finally had some time to sand two of them for me, He also secured the bolts on the sides that keep them together. 

 Although we thought they looked kind of cool after being sanded, we went ahead and painted …… 

and Voila… here they are red and shiny just like new, ~no better than new! 

I will add them to my collection.




~”There are rest and healing in the contemplation of antiquities.”~Mark Twain


Jackson 005


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bunny planter

~ mixing my love of plants and pots and whimsey~ froggy planter

 you get these really fun planters.kitty planter

 I love stopping at a garage sale or skimming ebay and finding one of these treasures. 


duck planter

 ~”Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination”.  ~Mrs. C.W. Earle