The seeds are here,


the trays are prepared with the seed starting soil, 

  the shelves are built,

and our company garden is officially started.


 Pete and Carol (owners of Gearcor) built our light shelves on Sunday so when we  gathered on Tuesday to plant the seeds they would have a great spot to grow. 

  A bit tentative at first,

 everyone warmed right up to the task at hand. 


It was fun to feel our enthusiasm grow as we all planted the seeds for our garden as well as for a fun summer project.  

 Even Blondie and Sophie were interested although I am sure it was more about the scents in the air than the actual planting going on.  


As is usually the case when gardening, we of course planted more trays than we had lights for,

 but Pete will add a couple more lights and all the trays will be basking in their artificial sunshine in no time. 

And although it is still cold and dreary outside, we are all excited to see and enjoy the fruits of our labor as the summer progresses. 

Check back to see us grow! We will let you know what makes the whole process work as we try products along the way.

Products Used to Plant:

Harris Seeds

Johnny’s Seeds

Haven Brand Manure Tea

Solo Spritzer Sprayer



  1. So cool to see a company garden. I enjoy reading your posts. Just down Rt 17/I-86 we too are getting ready for the garden season. I am originally from Maine, and love to see you using Johnny’s seeds they are the best.


  2. Good to meet a neighbor,Spencer. Thanks for dropping by, with any luck we will be able to show you some great gardening results. This weather isn’t cooperating too much around here though.

  3. Congratulations and God bless, what is more amazing is the fun and goodwill while doing the hard work. The profit will just be an add-on! Enjoy your experiences.

  4. Excitement abounds during spring planting, especially the indoor sprouting.
    A great photo essay allowing all of us to join in the excitement!

    HelenMac, ABC Wednesday Team

  5. nice – I love those light shelves!

  6. yay!!! seeds are started!!! yay!!! I just sold one of those light stands in a garage sale I had last year…never used it. It was given to me by a friend that thought I might want it…but my greenhouse is enough work…lol…so I sold it. She never used it either…it was like brand new!
    thanks for linking in…can’t wait to see those seeds all in bloom!!!

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  9. Great to see grown ups having so much fun planting seeds. ‘Tis the time of year: I just blogged about children starting seeds. Catriona