All of us at Gearcor are enjoying watching the progress of the seeds we have planted, especially Mike who is proudly showing us the flourishing seedlings.   

 He has taken great care to make sure they are watered and happy ~ he sings to them when no one is around.   (Oops sorry Mike, you didn’t want me to mention that did you?) ;)   


It was difficult for Mike and Pete when I thinned out the seedlings with a pair of scissors so as not to disturb their roots.   

  We repotted the ones that were big enough to move up a pot and composted the ones that didn’t make the cut.  (Sorry guys!)  


 The weather is still very unpredictable here in upstate NY.  It was 65 yesterday and spitting snow today so we can’t even think about putting our plants out there yet.   



Everyone is trying to be involved, even the dogs.    

Blondie and Sophie took off with one of the fiber pots and chased each other until it ended up in a shredded pile on the floor.  

Now the seedlings  are tucked carefully into their inside greenhouse, left to continue their growth while we wait patiently for the weather to allow us to plant them outside.  




Hopefully soon!  

 We have also planted some seeds that we are very excited about.  

Check back as they grow to see what the interesting mystery plants are. 


~’There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.”  ~Mirabel Osler 


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  1. WOOT WOOT fun to see everyone in on the Company Garden : ) Looking forward to your progress Annie

  2. How long does it usually take for warmer weather before you all can plant these guys outside?

    Here in southern California it seems we grow almost year round, right now my tomatoe plant is now offering me to come over to pick it’s cherry tomatoes off, they are ripe, and red and ready, I started that one tomatoe plant last year and it is doing great outside here.
    Green-beans are doing just find not yet had they bloom though, so still waiting for them, sunflowers are sprouting up, green onions ready to be gobble up, just planted in some bell peppers and more tomatoe plants.

  3. Hi Tracy. Good to see your seedlings going well. I hate thinning too. I usually try and save each one. I have the time to be really gentle. Here is an article from my area that says this is the coldest spring in 20 years.

  4. Rose, you are very llucky to enjoy your garden year round. we get roughly 5 to 6 months if we are lucky. I so can’t wait to be outside in the garden again. it is coming soon, that warm weather….i hope!

  5. I try to save them too if they aren’t tangled together at the roots but sometimes it’s imposible Spencer. Thanks for the link to the article. I appreciate it and will read it because it has been a very cold spring around here!

  6. Thanks Annie, Everyone here is very excited and eager to learn as well. I am especially excited this year because that Moo Poo Tea will be helping the little darlings as soon as it arrives. I am sure that will make for a healthier more prolific garden! Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Looks like your greenhouse has lots of seedlings! Nice to see those green tiny foliages. Been busy for Easter. Sorry for my late visit but my post is not late :) Hope you can visit my Fertilizer Friday here.