first snowy evening

We had our first “real” snow today.  It was only about an inch or two that took most of the day to accumulate but it was so pretty I couldn’t resist a walk at dusk.sledding in the evening

  Everything seemed bluish as the light faded and the park lights came on across the street from my house.  Some kids were sledding and I even saw a snowman built out of such a small amount of snow.  He was lumpy and covered with pieces of grass, but a snowman just the same. snowman?

 Obviously the kids just can’t wait to play in the snow.  I mean it is December after all~ a bit of snow is in order. This time of year I love it too.  Now somewhere around February, March I am sooo ready for it to go away.  But right now it is really fun!

out the front window



Snowmen fall from heaven… unassembled.  ~Author Unknown


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  1. I can only imagine!

  2. Love the blue snow scene. And the enthusiastic early snowman is adorable. I love the quote about snowmen being unassembled. Wonderful.

  3. LOvely snow pictures. and scene.

  4. Hey Teresa!
    Our first snow yesterday too! Pretty fluffy flakes all afernoon long so by dark, it was very ‘bright’ out ;)
    Yeah, I’ll be sick of it too by Feb…
    Cute snowman, lumps and all…lol! Thanks for popping over…happy to hear from you!
    Have a great sunday!

  5. It looks like everyone had fun in the snow yesterday. Love the snowman!
    Great photos.

  6. Teresa, I agree, the first snowfall of the season is so beautiful, everything is so pristine.
    However, I do no even want it hanging around until March, the end of January, would suit me just fine!

  7. Wow the blue color makes it very awesome photo. Love it! Me too can’t wait to make my snowman ^)^ Thanks for sharing!

    My Scenic Sunday

  8. So much atmosphere in your photos, Teresa! I love the blue light tinting the bare tree branches. The little snowman is adorable, the best kind. Love the quote too. :-)


  9. Yes, the first snow is the most exciting! We are still waiting for ours. Beautiful blue pictures! Thank you Teresa!

  10. Hi Teresa,

    Those show shots are really awesome. I’m not looking forward to the snow, but am enjoying your pics, from afar—really far away.


  11. Yes, isn’t it lovely? We also got our first snow. Looks like just about as much – didn’t stop the kids from sledding though. I thought for sure they’d be sledding in mud, but they had fun.

  12. pretty photos you have here, so cool and lovely too

  13. snowy scenery…lovely to see

  14. It is so beautiful! Ahh, I can’t wait to build a snowman!

  15. Wonderful snow photos. It looks like snow is on the way here so I’ll get to enjoy it as w ell.

  16. Your photos are breathtaking and a delight for my southern eyes.