Since it is January, I thought I would reminisce a bit about one of my favorite flowers.  Dahlias.

They never disappoint.

 Dahlias come in all sizes and colors. 


 They aren’t hardy, so their tubers must be dug up before the first frost to be replanted the following year.

But they are so worth the trouble. 

They are one plant that I put in every year because they are so dependable and rewarding.  

~”When words escape, flowers speak.”

-   Bruce W. Currie


  1. oh my dear girl…you always find exactly what I need to see!!! I love Dahlias…your photos are so crisp and clear…and so pretty!!!! I am just about ready to start planting this year’s Dahlias in the greenhouse…last year I had a good year with them….so many different blooms and they are all so intricate and so delicate and absolutely gorgeous!
    You are one of my very favorite participants for FF…because you never cease to impress me with your casual approach to the gardens…and they always look so beautiful!
    have a great weekend friend…I will hopefully see you on gardenchat this week…I think I might even be on the mend…better be…been sitting in bed for the last week…and it seems I can’t sleep anymore!

  2. I had to fix your link…it wasn’t working …so I deleted it and put it in again..just so you know…if anyone tried and mentioned it to you…I fixed it already!

  3. It should warm anybody’s heart seeing all these beautiful Dahlias…..

  4. They really are so beautiful … and you had such a lovely collection. I’m a brand new fan of these flowers, having only planted my first ones just last year, but I think I’ll stay a fan forever!

  5. Teresa, Your dahlias are beautiful. I plan to plant some this year too!
    Blessings, Beth

  6. Your dahlias are pretty and a welcome sight right now. Nice big bee with pollen on one of them.

  7. I’ve never planted Dahlias but perhaps this year I’ll give them a try. You’re right, they are beautiful and there’s so many varieties.

  8. beautiful Dahlias……sometimes they winter over & some times they don’t…haven’t pulled them out in the fall (it’s a lot of work)…lol Your’s are amazing! xoox

  9. What lovely flowers Teresa. What a welcome sight in this cold season.

  10. A Garden of Threads

    This is the first year I grew Dahlias and they were fantastic, I dug them all up put them in the garage to dry and forgot about them. I will have to buy new ones for next year. Beautiful photos of the ones you grew. Happy gardening.