Life is simple, it’s just not easy.  ~Author Unknown


Cherry World 1Rednesday


  1. That’s an H or M Farmall I think. Repainted. Love the tire chains. :) red, Red, red. A very Simple Tractor too. Not every day you see one of these classics on the computer. :) Thanks!

  2. I love the red tractor. Makes a perfect showing for today.

  3. I love the quote that you shared under that gorgeous tractor.

  4. What a charming pic! Perfect red tractor.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Love the shot of that old tractor! It reminds me of one my Grandpa had. Our car slid off their road a time or two in the winter, and Grandpa came with his tractor and pulled us out of the ditch!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Love the red tractor!!!!

  7. Perfect saying. Great photo. Have a Happy Thanks!