Valentines Day is the best. valentine

 It’s all about love and the color red.valentine

Any day that involves the giving of chocolate can’t be anything but great. 


 Last but not least, there are flowers~ especially roses.valentine


  Need I say more? red-rose

~Here is the deepest secret nobody knows,

Here is the root  of the root and the bud of the bud

And the sky of the sky of a tree called life,

Which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide

And this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart

I carry it in my heart”  ~ E.E. Cummings-white-roses-



*I found all of these valentine’s in a box of photos in my mom’s attic, years ago.   

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  1. Hello, love your posts….reminds me of my work of arts way back in pre-school. i was the class artist up to the grades…love it….join me too in RT today.

  2. Lovely Valentines. Great saying.

  3. What lovely, old-fashioned looking Valentines! Very sweet!

    You asked a question on my blog, and I answered it there, but I thought I’d post it here as well, in case you don’t check back. I hope that’s okay, otherwise just delete. ;)

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  4. I so love the old vintage valentine’s Romantic, nostalgic, and sweet, just as love should always be. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. I love those old Valentines! So much cuter than the cartoon ones they have now.

  6. I love these old-fashioned valentines. They are very romantic and sweet.

    Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday ~

  7. Love these old fashioned valentines!!

  8. So cute. Thanks for sharing.

    Ruby Tuesday Blessings

  9. I sure wish I had that last one. I have been collecting valentines with cats and I love black poodles too.

  10. Such sweet Valentine’s cards. And a very sweet saying.


  11. What a great vintage Valentine card blog for today. Those all very neat cards. You are lucky that your mom had kept these. However, the red rose stole my heart.

  12. Love the puns and the vintage images on these cards. The rose photos are amazing. And poetry! I feel like I just received a Valentine reading your post.

  13. What a lovely Valentine’s Day presentation, and very sweet for Mom too. The white rose is so delicate, elegant and beautifully taken.

    Thanks also for the kind comments and visit to my site, my pleasure to have you here.

  14. Very cute Valentines but those roses are to die for! Thank you for visiting my blog and congratulations on your new “soon to be” grand baby! We have a second on the way…don’t know the gender yet. Isn’t it exciting! Congratulations again! ♥

  15. They must have been special Valentines for your mom to save them. I think they are special.

  16. Those are sweet corny old cards, don’t find them anymore!

  17. Ok, the woolen to bet lamb got a real giggle out of me. Cute. Have a week filled with love, Cherie

  18. I love the puns on the old Valentines!

  19. What a beautiful post. I love the broom.

  20. I loved you cards..the sweep me off my feet card is adorably, and ohh that beautiful rose. Happy VTT..

  21. Great valentines!! Love the one with the broom, lol!


  22. These sweet cards are just adorabele. Great pictures, I could almost smell the white rose….seriously…..great post today, have a great VTT!

  23. Sweet little cards! Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Grace

  24. That single white rose is just lovely!

  25. Wow! You really scored by finding those vintage valentines in the attic! Love them! Thanks for sharing!