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The rain continues but I have decided to not let it dampen my gardening spirit.  Out I went this afternoon into the wet tall grass to see what my spring garden is looking like.

The rain seems to go on and on and I am afraid I am missing all of the colors that are so beautiful this time of year.  The Lilacs and Iris are blooming, and my vegetable garden is waiting to be complete. 
 I decided to go ahead and put in a few of my seeedlings today to spite the rain.  You never know around here if you should wait until Memorial Day like everyone advises for a last frost date, or go for it. 
 Our weather this year has been chilly and VERY wet, but honestly I am tired of waiting so I have put in some of my vegetables and some flowers. 
We are going away for a week and hopefully I won’t be starting from scratch when we return because everything drown or froze while we were away. 


~”Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ~Roger Miller 


I wore my Muck Daily Garden Shoes and even though I was soaked through, my feet were dry and comfy!

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  1. When life gives you rain – take photos of raindrops! :)

  2. Wonderful bokeh lights in the first image. I hope when you return Teresa, the weather will be warm and sunny!

  3. That’s the spirit!

    Lovely blog you have here.