Found this guy at the Madison Bouckville Antique show last summer.  It is an old soup terrine.  It says Italy on the bottom. It appears pretty old, but even if it isn’t, as soon as I saw that face I knew I had to get it.  That and the aqua color on the bottom made it irresistible to me.  So I took him home and he sits on my stepback cupboard in the kitchen watching the goings on at our house looking a bit worried.web-g-018

Maybe he thinks we will be making rabbit soup.


       ~”Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It’s shameful, but…ehhh, it’s a living.” – Bugs Bunny

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  1. That rabbit is so cute!

  2. That little bunny of yours is very cute. Do not put the soup too hot for him.

  3. What a sweet,adorable little bunny. He’s just the cutest..and with a sweet little face. Happy VTT..have a wonderful day..

  4. How precious! He does look worried…probably that he might get scalded with soup. Nice of you to just let him be where he can observe.

  5. No wonder he looks worried. Rabbit Stew may be coming back since it’s getting close to Easter Rabbit time. I’m sure he likes his current job as a DoorBunny!

  6. I love animals, but Bunny Rabbits have a special place in my heart! Thanks for sharing today!

  7. What a fun find! i love soup tureens too. I don’t have any that are animals. I keep my eyes peeled for them whenever I am out thrifting!

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. A beautiful soup tureen. I love bunnies.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. He does have a sweet face. My mom would love this. She’s a rabbit collector.

  10. What a great tureen! I’m seeing a nice spring soup (maybe creamed carrot & spinach) for the soup course for Easter dinner…YUM :)


  11. How cute he is- I love the detail on his face!

  12. That is a wonderful soup tureen! I love his face!

  13. This is so cute and looks so real! Love it! Happy VTT!

  14. The rabbit soup tureen is very sweet. I never seen one like it. I think I would have bought it too.