I took a ride with my son, his wife and their daughter Gracie to see the beautiful October foliage and to get our pumpkins. 

  We were headed to their friend Matt’s house.  He grows pumpkins and sells them in the barn outside of the farmhouse he is remodeling. 

 He has done a magnificent job restoring this very old home and barn. 

 There is pretty much nothing in the barn right now except for pumpkins

and plenty of them. 

 After a look around we easily settled on a few.  There was one imparticular little pumpkin in the patch that we couldn’t resist…

 she’s a keeper.

~”I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like”.~unknown



  1. What a great place to get pumpkins, looks like any size or shape. . .I love the old barn!
    But I must say the ‘little pink pumpkin’ was the cutest ever!

  2. How beautiful that Autumn scene is! Because i haven’t seen autumn season yet in person, Betsy in Tenessee gave me her photo for my desktop background. The pumpkin farm is lovely too, and you got a willing model. haha!

  3. Beautiful scenery… what a lovely place to shop for pumpkins. I took our 3yr old grandson to the pumpkin patch and we had a ball. Give it a couple of years and your cute little pink pumpkin will be picking them out herself.

  4. Wonderful pics and post. There is something about pumpkins that brings out the kid in all of us. jim

  5. I can’t wait Annette! She is so much fun already.

  6. You sure have some amazing fall color, I love the building that was restored and especially the human pumpkin, what a doll!

  7. I love the photo’s especially your little pumpkin.