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The Company Garden has given us plenty of delicious veggies to eat. 

 The sunny summer we are having has certainly helped out.

In my last post I mentioned our lack of pumpkins due to the insect problems but lo and behold, we now have two pumpkins on the vines.

We may not end up with a 200 lb. monster but there may just be a couple of jack-o-lanterns glowing at our office this Halloween.

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it 

provides.  ~W.E. Johns


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  1. well…here I am…tired as heck and happy as heck to be the first to comment to your fancy self!
    I remember the year I tried to do the huge pumpkins…I was obsessed…I even had pillows for them to sit on so they would not be flat on one side…then the vine borers came along…and sucked the life out of them…they were about 30 pounds…I was ticked off!!!
    I had been giving them beer…milk…everything all the old wives tales would say…they seemed happy enuf…until that darn bug! grrr
    thanks for linking in this week sweetie…I am always so happy to see your name…you are one of the special souls that makes my heart smile!
    hugs from tootsie in Canada!!!

  2. Hooray on the pumpkins!

  3. It is just recently when enterprising hobbyists planted pumpkins here, however to me they are all lumped as squash, haha! We have traditional squash at home but not as big or as yellow as your ‘pumpkins’. They are thick and sticky in texture when already mature, but we also eat them immature as vegetables. It is just sliced thinly and sauteed with other vegies and with little shrimp is already delicious.

  4. I’ve been patiently waiting for our vines to produce a pumpkin too. None yet. Frustrating.

  5. Rosie@mygardenhaven

    I like that quotation about anticipation. I can picture that pumpkin of yours turning into a golden yellow orange giant!

  6. Stunning beauty- the butterfly I mean.

  7. I agree Jama, nature creates some amazing works of art