Yogi Bear clipart of hurry to picnic time!


Because my last post on containers caused  some interest in my  picnic baskets,  I thought I would show them for VTT, because they are not only fun and inexpensive they are also vintage. 

Unfortunately they don’t last more than a season or two if you leave them out where they are in the sun and rain. Under a covered porch they fare a little better. 

I don’t think I paid more than 8 dollars for any of them and that was with a tray inside and all the dishes and silverware. 

 I also use them for pointsettas at Christmas time because they look so nice much more finished than the foil wraps around the pot. 

  It is often hard to part with a perfectly good basket to leave outside but I just love the look so I sacrifice a couple of them every summer.  Now, on to next week’s project…..

We hit the jackpot.  I will keep you posted on these curb finds soon.


“Hello pic-i-nic basket.”    ~yogi bear



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  1. I love picnic baskets too. I have 16 vintage baskets. I stack them and use for storage. My recipes, tools, videos, magazines, pictures. Thank you for sharing your collection.

  2. I never gave those old lawn chairs much thought until lately. Seems everyone wants them. I will start looking for them. They would look nice on a patio,

  3. I adore your baskets. I have one vintage BLUE one that I love. I am always looking for more.
    I couldn’t leave mine outside in this hot, dry country..Yours sure looks pretty with the flowers.

  4. Those baskets look wonderful…and you did hit the jackpot with those chairs! I want to see more about them!

  5. Old picnic baskets are so wonderful…so decorative and useful, too! Love the photo with the poinsettias…

  6. Love what you do with the baskets. Baskets look so great with flowers in them.

  7. The picnic baskets certainly do look beautiful with the flowers in them. Love the little bird houses too.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with those fabulous chairs…fantastic curb side finds.

  8. Everything is charming!!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. I love everything! Can’t wait to see the further adventures of those great chairs!

    Happy VTT,

  10. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I NEVER find lawn chairs like this…..and LOOK at all your beauties!! I can not wait to see these all spruced up!!! Your picnic basket is a good addition to your porch, so cute! Have a great VTT

  11. If I had a nice old picnic basket, I wouldn’t leave it outside!

  12. Baskets really do make all the difference. Oh but those chairs……

  13. Delightful! They are so charming and colorful filled with flowers.

  14. I never thought to plant things in them before. They look great. And I can’t wait to see more of the motel chairs.

  15. What a sweet collection! I am also loving those chairs.Thanks Anne

    I love Yogi too!

  16. I am more familiar with the new picnic baskets. Vintage baskets are quite interesting and attractive as they have an antique look about them. Since you paid such a small price for them, it is worth sacrificing them by showing them off outdoors on your front step. Thanks for sharing the great blog post!