If you are looking for a versatile hard working boot that will protect your feet from messes and water you shouldn’t look past the Muck Boot Jobber available at Garden Shoes Online. 

 This is the boot to have waiting by your back door to put on easily when you need to do a chore in your yard or garden. 

They are 100% Waterproof and have a stretchy nylon top that makes them easy to slip in and out of.  There are no seams to allow water to leak in and there is a toe bumper for extra toe protection.

It’s ease of on and off makes it work well as a great boot for outdoor active people to go between car and ski boots, car and waders or car and heavy boot for hunting, snowmobiling, iceskating, etc…

  Year round, this low boot keeps your feet dry, clean and comfortable whether it’s 70 degrees or 30 degrees.

The lining is a breathable airmesh so your feet don’t sweat like you would imagine in a waterproof boot. They are flexible and lightweight too.  If they need cleaning, simply hose them off.


The sole has a self cleaning diamond tread and it also has a kick rim on the back for removing without using your hands so when your messy job is done you can easily kick them off at the door ~don’t track your mess inside. 


Overall, the Muck Boots Jobber is a go to boot for yard and outdoor work for men and women. 

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  1. Wow, I have never seen a morning glory grow that high-Nice!

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