Starting seeds can be a sanity saver for many of us waiting through a long winter for spring to arrive.

I wanted a seed starting rack with lights but I found them to be very expensive and not as large as I’d like so my husband and I decided we would make our own.  

First we bought a metal rack with four foot long shelves at Sam’s club.  This would be long enough to accommodate two seed trays lengthwise per shelf.

Next we needed some lights ~ so off to Home Depot where we purchased four, 4 foot shop lights.  They are the kind that plug in ( as opposed to being hard wired into the electricity) and have adjustable chains so you can change their height above the plants.  The metal rack provides an easy way to hang the lights which also makes it easy to adjust the height of the light as your plants grow.

We put daylight type lights for growing plants into the shop lights

Finally we  added a power strip so they can all be turned on and off with one switch.  

The only mistake I made was not building two of these….Maybe next year!

“So many seeds, so little time” ~unknown





  1. Your set-up looks awesome! I just have a few quick questions for you… Would you mind giving us a ballpark of your budget on this project? You are right, these things can easily become expensive.

    I have never made mine from scratch but, always buy seperate pieces I like from different manufacturues and bring them together. So for example, I bought a bare unit from a big box store with wire shelves and hanging racks. Then I went on Amazon and ordered a few lamps on there own (way cheaper than buying them together.)

  2. Scott, I did this last year and I should’ve kept track but I didn’t. I think the whole thing including the rack which was around $90 at Sams club, was around $200 dollars. shop lights were around $15 and the bulbs were $6 or $7. (If my memory serves me well) Add the power strip in and I think that $200 is the ball park. Not too bad if you compare buying one as nice as this already put together into a kit. I am sure it would be much more than that. The beauty is, if I ever give up starting plants, i have a great rack and some nice lights I’m sure I could find a use for. Thanks for visiting, Scott.