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If you are in need of a lit up holiday garland for around your front door, along a staircase or perhaps on your mantle, you probably know they are crazy expensive and not always exactly what you would like.  But that’s okay because they are also very easy to make and a whole lot cheaper.

Pick out an evergreen garland in enough length and fullness for the intended use, such as the measurement around your door or across your mantle, etc…

~I chose one that has wire in the branches so I can shape it nicely when it’s all finished.

 You will need another string or two of holiday decorations that you like.  (I went to ACMoore and Michaels) I decided on a garland of poinsettias, a garland of red berries, and red sparkly ribbon with (wire edges so you can shape it nicely).


Lay out all the parts of the garland.

Then simply twist them around a string of white lights.

~ You can do two strings of lights if you want more light.

~Or you could use a string of lights with the lit up red balls(or whatever lights you like) instead of or in addition to the white lights.

Every foot or so, twist a 4 -6 inch piece of wire to keep them all together.

~ This keeps it from getting gaps when it’s hung.  You can hide the twists you make behind the evergreen so it can’t be seen.

When you have it all together, take a bit of time and arrange  all of the different parts nicely so it is pleasing to the eye and covering as much of the light wire as possible(that’s why I like the bendable evergreen garland)

Now it’s time to hang it up.

~This is an easy task  since there is wire in the evergreen and in the twisties which will easily hang on hooks or nails.

Stand back and admire your work, then maybe you should go shopping with all the money you saved making this beautiful garland yourself:)

~It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.  ~W.T. Ellis

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