Working in my garden today, I was taken back by the lovely scent of lilacs. lilac

 Their delicate fragance floats in the air in little wisps that catch your attention.lilacs

  They are such pretty flowers in shades of purple, periwinkle and white. lilac

 I have planted many lilacs in the 3 years since we bought this house, just for that small window of spring when they will speckle my view with purple and fill the air with that oh so lovely scent. -lilac

For now they are young and I don’t get as many to pick as I would like, but as luck would have it, my son’s entire yard is bordered on one side by many many lilac trees. 

lilac Needless to say I went over there and picked myself some.  lilac bouquet

One bouquet for the dining room and one for my bedroom. lilacs in a vase

 You can’t have too many flowers especially ones that smell this good.


~I am thinking of the lilac-trees,
  That shook their purple plumes,
    And when the sash was open,
      Shed fragrance through the room.~Anna S. Stephens


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  1. My lilacs aren’t blooming yet, so it’s nice of you to share yours. One of these years I hope to visit Mackinac Island for the Lilac Festival. They have a website, if your interested.


  2. Oh, Teresa, what incredible images! My lilac is not blooming yet…

  3. Thanks Donna, I will check it out. Iwould love to go there.

  4. I love the smell of Lilacs! Beautiful photos!

  5. Teresa, Love your lilacs. Mine are really old and don’t perform so well any more. I know I should cut them back, to rejuvenate them, but don’t want to lose the privacy they give.

  6. I wish spring would last longer to savor the scent and admire the beauty of lilacs!

    Great photos!

  7. I too, would like to go to the Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island. We have a local one here this weekend.

    Your photos are gorgeous – I can even smell them. Oh wait…those are mine I smell! ;-)

  8. Your lilacs (and your son’s) are beautiful!

    ~ Tracy

  9. Beautiful, i love your close-ups :)

  10. Beautiful!!! I’m so jealous!!! We can’t grow Lilacs in Texas where I live. I remember their amazing scent when I was a child living in New Mexico.